rogue cronus integrated or red wine audio 30.2?

I am looking at these two amps right now but havent heard them. I currently have a cec tl51xr player and cec amp5300 class a ss integrated with audio physic step monitors(current model).
I am looking to get a warmer, lusher sound with an increase in soundstage size. I am looking to get feedback from those who have heard both of these amps.
your speakers and their positioning will make a bigger have a very nice system
definitely my speakers are very sensitive to setup. right now I have my system set up in our family/living room. when we casually listen the speakers have to be in between an armoire about 2 ft out from the wall.
for critical listening sessions I pull the steps out about 5 ft from the wall with them about 6 ft apart from each other and the listening chair 6 ft away.
I notice if I space the speakers about 8-9 ft apart then the sound becomes more spacious but the impactfulness(if that is a word) is lessened.
the near field thing sounds tight and full but a bit cramped in. these are the limitations of my room unforutately.

have you heard the cronus in relation to the cec?
the cronus will sound a bit warmer(than the cec)..i have not compared side by side...its(the cronus) strikingly similar to a vintage marantz 7/8b combo .its pretty incredible. the steps(and other great small monitors) do loose the viseral slam as they come away from the wall, and in exchange you get more of a disappearing good as the steps are, i would play with another pair of speakers....perhaps a warmer british type such as proac or spendor.
thanks for the responses jaybo, it hard to find folks who are familiar with the stuff I have for some reason.
I was considering getting into some good tube gear and then going with some high efficiency speakers. I have heard the zucable druids or presence are pretty great but havent heard them.
Mark at rogue told me he heard that combo and it was a good match.
sometimes I feel like this hobby/obsession is just splitting hairs anyways:)
the cec is really rare, so its hard to find users on agon. its a special product, and would sound great with lots of speakers too. i'm convinced a slightly larger box (ie spendor 2/3, proac 2, atc, etc could do wonders(weight)...and you keep the cec. you are crrect about splitting hairs...sometimes 'different' is better.
I know RWA offers a 30-day money back policy. See if Rogue offers the same, and then try 'em both and keep the one that you prefer the sound of. I would think your spekaers are going to sound best with the 70.2s as i remember that they are 4-ohm and can use the extra power. I couldn't be happier with my RWA gear and it should at least be on your audition list.

Good luck,

I have a Rogue Audio Cronus driving my Vandersteen 1C's, and am absolutely in love with the way all my music sounds. Please see "my system" for my complete set-up. I have never heard the Red Wine stuff, but have read some good reviews. For me, the Rogue Cronus is a beautiful sounding amplifier.....Warm and musical, without being overly lush and "tubey." The Cronus (through my Vandy's) is extremely musical, accurate, non-fatiguing, and a pleasure to own. It's an incredibly well made amplifier, and it does what it's supposed to simply plays the music with astonishing grace and realism.....I think it's a fantastic amplifier, and a great "bang for the buck" component.
Good Luck, and Happy Listening !