Rogue Cronus Holy cow

This amp rocks, balls to the all sound. Bass sounds like a solid state with the beauty of tubes combined. Had a chance to audition it and borrow it for a few days from a local retailer, all I have to say is WOW! WOW! WOW! Forget Shanling STP 80 move over baby.... Did I say it sounds good with the stock El 34's I could only imagine with the KT88.

Just what my VR'2's speakers needed, man I am excited! Sorry guys just wanted to share my experience with you. Next audition Jolida 1000RC...
Had a Jolida 302B. No way does it even come close to the Rogue. The test CD is Crystal Method's "Vegas", track three.

And the tubes you are thinking of are KT77, which are direct replacement for EL34s. I have these but still prefer the Svetlanas or SED Winged Cs. Also Telefunkens in the 12ax7 slots and Rogues own choice for the three 12AU7s.
Hmm, I auditioned the Primaluna Prologue 2. Wow, very muscial and rich and detail, now I am having a hard time deciding...
I've owned the PLII before and was going to rebuild a system around it again but am interested in the Cronus. I am listening to it next weekend. I'll be interested to learn which you decide on.
Which Telefunkens 12ax7's do you use? Seems like there are so many to choose from. Which will you get a bigger change from, signal tubes or power tubes? I have Rogue stock KT77's now. I just bought a Cronus off of Audiogon (thanks Seattlemike). I had a black face plate but I wanted silver. I'm not far from Rogue so I took it there and they changed it out. Cool place to visit! It sounds great and replaced my Jolida 302B (for sale on Agon).