Rogue Audio two new integrateds Great or Same old?

Rogue has recently introduced two new integrated amps. The "Sphinx" which is 100RMS and a hybrid amp with a phono stage. This sells for $1395 including a cheap looking remote. The "Pharoah" is the other and is 175RMS with phono stage, but may be all tubes Rogue is now shipping to dealers and retail is $3495. Rogue has definitely gone Egyptian!!

Has anyone heard either integrated amp?? If so, what my the Pharoah worth almost 3X more than the little brother.Seems to have few features like an I-pod input and theater bypass, etc, that jack the price at least $500. Therefore I think the price point is wrong. $2795 seems more reasonable and competitive with products like the Creek Destiny II $2795) and Krell S300i($2500) and the new Musical Fidelity IA's.... Thanks, Jimmy
The Pharaoh is also a hybrid tube and class d design. I'd love to hear it. It has to be special or Mark wouldn't let it out the door.
I can't speak to the high pricing of the Pharaoh, but the Sphinx is an "entry level" unit and according to Rogue's website, the Pharaoh is vastly superior. Balanced XLR inputs, higher quality caps and electronics, I'm assuming a larger pwr doubles it's power output: 175 WPC/8 ohms, 350WPC/4 ohms.
I'd love to demo it, but it must be something special for that price.
Breaking in a Pharaoh as we speak, I own M180s so it will be interesting. Will keep you posted once some time is on it.
Thanks to all three members for their input. Chrissain, keep us posted as it breaks in, and in your opinion the overall quality of the sound. BTW, who makes an M-180?? Is that an older ARC amp or integrated.?? Thanks, Jim
Jim, the M180's are Rogue mono blocks based on the KT90 tube. I'll let Chrissain elaborate for you. I'm a Cronus Magnum owner so that's the extent of my knowledge on them.

Chrissain, I'm with Sunnyjim. Please keep us posted. I'm very interested in the Pharaoh. I haven't read a single review yet and it's not for a lack of trying. Also if you could let us know how cool it runs I'd appreciate that information as well. Congratulations and have fun.
Yes its Rogue Audio m180 monoblock tube amps, and I am running kt 120 tubes right now, so it will be an interesting comparison, I also own revel speakers, which even though they don't drop in impedance much, they still need some power to drive.
Chrissain, I love the Rogue 180 monos; are you auditioning the Pharaoh to make a change or to see what Rogue has come up with in their new design?
looking to down size, I love my m180s, but want tighter bass control, I am interested in what Rogue is doing with this new integrated, but overall if the sound is not better, the 180s stay in the system. Time will tell.
Chrissain, how hot does the Pharaoh run? How do you like it so far.
I should have ask before: where does the Rogue Cronus Magnum fit into this integrated amp pecking order. It cost $1200 less than the "The Pharoah" ($2295 vs.$3495)I know the CM is an all tube design, and less power. Would like to know what the sound the from Cronus Magnus is like, I never used a tube amp or integrated. Thanks, Jim
I've been very impressed with my Pharaoh demo unit so far. Still have a few more hours to put on it before it's fully broken in, but it sounds very, very good.

***Rogue dealer disclaimer***
The Cronus Magnum is a fantastic integrated and its actually quite amazing how good it sounds considering its price. With my Harbeth C7ES3's it's a bit on the warm side of neutral. The sound stage is fairly wide. I sit off axis and its not a problem at all but then I'm not a critical listener. What I mean by that is my rig doesn't do anything that offends my hearing ever.

I had new Rotel separates before the Rogue and I couldn't stand more than 20 minutes with the shrill horrible noise. That system was the reason for the Cronus. The build quality is very good but its not audio jewelry. I'm hoping Goldprintaudio chimes in here because I'm not good at this and he or she is a Rogue dealer for a reason.
To Donjr: Thank you for your input about the CM. You did a good job describing its sound quality.
As Donjr mentions, the Cronus Mag is an incredible value (as is the Sphinx). The Pharaoh is very impressive so far, and I am sure will get better as it has a few more hours on it.

I guess it really comes down to your specific power requirements and if you want to go full blown tubes (Cronus) or hybrid.

And to Donjr's earlier question, the Pharaoh really does not run hot at all.
Thanks Goldprintaudio. Is Rogue offering the Pharaoh at an introductory price?
Goldprintaudio, I was wondering how the Pharaoh is doing. Can you give us some more impressions?
Still very impressed. If you have had a chance to hear the Rogue Medusa, you will have a good idea as to the sound.
Have never heard a bad piece from Rogue. Very good sound quality, always musical and easy on teh ear, and very good value with these products in general. I am impressed every time I hear Rogue amps.
To Goldprintaudio. I have been travelling and so forgot this thread which I initiated. Can you provide what your impressions are of the sound after breaking in the unit for several months. I am especially interested in the quality of the bass, overall musicality, and high end smoothness. Also how might the Cronos Magnum compare to the Pharoah??

Also, what exactly does Rogue dealer disclaimer mean?? Thanks for your input
Sunnyjim -

at any price, Rogue is a giant killer. You will be hard pressed to find a better piece, plus, excellent customer service!
My Rogue dealer disclaimer is to let everyone know that I am a Rogue dealer (so of course I am biased). It's common courtesy on Audiogon to inform others if you are a dealer posting about products that you sell.

With that said, the Pharaoh is quite a great integrated. Bass is very nice and controlled. Top end is detailed, but not harsh. I have been very impressed with the Hypex amp modules that are used on this, the Sphinx and the Hydra/Medusa. Good power and sound.

Cronus gives you a little more of the tube mid-range bloom that a lot of people (including myself) like.
Hi I'm new Harbeth c7's owner an I've been also eyeing rogue amps.  The place where I purchased the speakers has a cm 2 that I can audition and sphinx ia that is also for auditioning.  Unfortunately the combo I'd really like to check out is the medusa with the rp5.  Anyone try this combo with harbeth c7's?  The Pharaoh could also be a possibility. They also carry Cary too.  The Cary equipment looks good too. 

Try the CMII at home if you can.  I heard it with Harbeths (and B&W, Paradigm, Sonus Faber), and liked it so much I bought one.  It makes my PMC's really sing.  The Ayre AX-7 was sent to the secondary system.  Less impressed with the Sphinx; the Pharaoh has lots of power, but not the magic I think of all tube (rolling in Mullards helps).
Cronus magnum ii and Harbeth = magic
Cronus magnum ii and Harbeth = magic 

Actually I auditioned the cronus  with my Harbeth 7es3 an I did not care for the sound.  Too mushy.   I did think the sphinx sounded better at the store than the cronus.  The cronus just didn't do the mids right imo. 

Now I'm mc452 with the c52 an it sounds amazing!   The solid state preamp made all the difference!  Talk about an immediate change in the sound. 

I think for the price you'd be better off with the Pharaoh than the cronus.  
@biscorbit, did you audition the amp with the 8ohm taps? I owned the CM2 with a pair of Harbeths C7, I felt the mids we’re very good.  The 8ohm tap sounds much better than the 4ohm tap. It made a big difference in the sound for me. Btw, I agree with you that Harbeths sound better with a SS amp. In that price range, I would also audition a Hegel for anybody interested.