Rogue Audio Stereo 100, Atlas Magnum III anybody running them? Sound signatures?

I have been looking at the Rogue Stereo 100, and at the Atlas Magnum III. not a lot of info or reviews out there (including on this site).
So who runs either of these? and what do they sound like e.g.  Warm and airy, or cool and sterile?
Plan on a Schiit Freya +, and Bifrost 2 front end with TT, and feeding Martin Logan EM ESLs.
again, get the RH 5 linestage headphone amp with optional phono for the Stereo 100

Good morning, Rick!  Bought my Atlas Magnum III in 2020 from dealer in Atlanta and after a slow break-in period the sound is what I was hoping for from tube powered system. It is mated to the Rogue RP1 preamp. My room size is 17x13x8, but slanted ceiling begins at 10 foot just above speaker placement.  

I listen to Jazz, chamber, and 3 or 4 piece ensembles. Also, pop (e..g Jewel, Tori Amas, Madonna....) Most are CD soundtracks and recently have began a collection of digital music files from various high-end sound studios.  (I am not a fan of Atmos induced music, so my enjoyment is pure 2-channel music and the talent of the particular music enginner from the time the recording was made to its final iteration after mixing). 

The midrange is sweet and ever so natural. The highs never piercing (I maintain high slound levels, but not too crazy) and the base is helped by a single JBL 750 watt sub at its very minimum setting: bass is sharp and "real" for the instument it is being produced by.  

Lastly, the 3-D effect we expect more from tube systems is very enjoyable with my best soundtracks. Noise level is low and from my sitting position (7 foot from ears to speaker face) is zero.  (Note Looping the power cords really does reduce and almost eliminate any electrical noise emenating from the speakers).

It is my refence system, the other being powered by NAD power and large full-range speakers, but the Atlas Magnum III and RP1 system is my reference system.

Simply, a wonderful music experience! 

Kind regards,


I appreciate the responses.