Rogue Audio Stereo 100, Atlas Magnum III anybody running them? Sound signatures?

I have been looking at the Rogue Stereo 100, and at the Atlas Magnum III. not a lot of info or reviews out there (including on this site).
So who runs either of these? and what do they sound like e.g.  Warm and airy, or cool and sterile?
Plan on a Schiit Freya +, and Bifrost 2 front end with TT, and feeding Martin Logan EM ESLs.
I also have the Stereo 100. It one of the very few amps which can disappear. Well balanced and clean stuff. 
Does the Freya have a phono stage?
No phono stage on the Freya +
with the st100 shoot for the rogue RH 5 headphone amp linestage.  Great synergy, transparency and dynamics.  Can also take advantage of balanced connections.  wont break the bank either.  
No phono stage on the Freya +

Little bit of "PRE" digression:
RP series has purdy well regarded phono stage. I have the RP-1 (Mullards) and compared the phono stage against a Moon 110LP v2 and did not think the Moon warranted the spend. my TT is P6/AniaPro. Only problem is with RP series you have to move up the line to get balanced out, RP-7 I believe. But I A/B my RP-1 with single ended out vs my Wadia DAC as the Pre with balanced out. The Wadia pre is all solid state with a digital volume control implemented in the Sabre, I think. Wadia may be a little more analytic but I like the sound of the RP-1 so run that config primarily. Not sure if the Wadia is a "true" balanced design or just add on.

The Stereo 100 is in my cross hair as my next amp.
Note:  Looks like the RP series looses the phono stage above the RP5 :/