Rogue Audio ST-100 versus Atlas Magnum III

Hello all,

I can’t seem to note differences, at least not in the specs. Anyone know what the major differences are?



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the st 100 has more and better power supply caps and i am sure other upgrades not apparent in a casual chassis picture. 

i had the cronus mag 2 which has the atlas amp section and then the stereo 100.

im not sure how they did it but the stereo 100 sounds smoother and twice as dynamic and powerful than the cronus despite the same 100 watts.  the upgrade was unbelievable the amount of bass and power the 100 has.

their email is listed on the rogue site and they will be happy to quickly answer any questions.  good luck!



The price might be one tip-off that although the specs are similar, there is a difference in the amps.