Rogue Audio Sphinx V3

I'm interested in purchasing the Rogue Audio Sphinx V3 based on all of the positive reviews for not only Sphiunx V1-V3, but several of the other Rogue products.  Fundamentally I believe in the "bang for buck" type of products, and that there are always a handful out there.  For example, I've been extremely please with my DALI Ikon 2s which I'd put in the same bucket.

Separately I very much like the concept of each piece of equipment doing one job.  I understand that this is an Integrated, and maybe one day I'll get my dream of all separate components.  I mention this because the Sphinx is pure analog.  I like that all of the funding that went in to this component hasn't been "wasted" on features.  To complete the picture, I'm using a Pro-Ject Carbon SB and a Pro-Ject Tube Box S.  I'm extremely curious about comparing the phono pre-amps.  At some point I will add a digital source, but while I'd really like that to sound exceptionally nice, my focus is on the analog.

As I've yet to read a negative review on any of the Sphinx versions, I was hoping I could get some opinions specific to the V3, and hopefully some insight to the pairing with the DALI Ikon 2s.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!
msafrick, I share mjcmt's concern about a Class D output stage. I think the tube front end covers for the output stage. Never trust the reviews completely. I would want to listen to it first. Compare it to a unit with a class AB or A output stage at a similar price. Something like the Rega Elix-R. I would be willing to bet the Rega has a more effortless and open character. You should listen to both and go with your own ears. 
Mark has good ears and his amps sound musical. I don't think you can go wrong w the Sphinx!
I ended up auditioning the Sphinx v3 side by with the Belles Aria, and went with the Belles. It seems I’m not the only one who was impressed with Belles products as the wait time is longer than usual due to the number of orders, so hopefully I’ll have it next week.

While I did enjoy the Rogue, I instantly thought the Belles just sounded a lot better.

Before making my decision I also listened to the Elix-R and Moon 340i (didn’t have the 240i).