Rogue Audio Sphinx V3

I'm interested in purchasing the Rogue Audio Sphinx V3 based on all of the positive reviews for not only Sphiunx V1-V3, but several of the other Rogue products.  Fundamentally I believe in the "bang for buck" type of products, and that there are always a handful out there.  For example, I've been extremely please with my DALI Ikon 2s which I'd put in the same bucket.

Separately I very much like the concept of each piece of equipment doing one job.  I understand that this is an Integrated, and maybe one day I'll get my dream of all separate components.  I mention this because the Sphinx is pure analog.  I like that all of the funding that went in to this component hasn't been "wasted" on features.  To complete the picture, I'm using a Pro-Ject Carbon SB and a Pro-Ject Tube Box S.  I'm extremely curious about comparing the phono pre-amps.  At some point I will add a digital source, but while I'd really like that to sound exceptionally nice, my focus is on the analog.

As I've yet to read a negative review on any of the Sphinx versions, I was hoping I could get some opinions specific to the V3, and hopefully some insight to the pairing with the DALI Ikon 2s.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!
The problem for me with the Sphinx is the class D amp section. Lots of negative personal comments of class D amplification on the AudioAsylum audio forums. It deterred me. I’d research a little more before taking the plunge on a class D hybrid amp. I left a comment on your other post for amp recommendations.
As far a phono preamps the Schiit Mani is one of the best budget phono stages for cheap.
Concerning the Class D section, this is precisely what I've been reading about with the Sphinx.  It seems all the reviewers were surprised that Rogue has been able to achieve the sound that they do with the Class D, and the audio world cannot understand how it can sound as it does.

I'm still quite perplexed as to why I've not found a negative review of the Rogues in general.
Rogue makes a good product period. No, I don't claim them to be SOTA, but offer very good sound for the money. I have a Rogue Pharaoh, the Sphinx's big brother. Their tube pre with class D solid state output work very well together. The all tube Rogue Cronus Magnum III integrated is also a winner. IMO.

I had a Sphinx 2 and its sound was very good in terms of balance, articulation, sound stage, etc.  I did use a Rogue Ares Magnum phono amp in lieu of the built in phono amp of the Sphinx.  The sphinx was a nice compromise between a warm tube and a "cool" solid state-- it just passed the music along without "interpretation."   About 18 months ago, I upgraded to the Rogue RP7 preamp and Stereo 100 amp.  Obviously a very marked improvement.  Having listened other preamps and amps including McIntosh and Audio Research, I find the Rogue to be as good or better for less money.  Note that my speakers are Sonus Faber Amati traditions and I listen to classical and jazz which may make a difference in my viewpoint.