Rogue audio RP-7 versus PS Audio BHK preamplifier

I have an old Rogue Audio Super Magnum 99 tube preamplifier that I will be replacing in the not too far future. I really liked the sound of the magnum 99 except for the tube hiss. It’s not audible when playing music but still bothers me, particularly when the volume is low. It also constructs the soundstage, an effect that is evident when I connect the external DAC directly to the amplifier. 

from what I read both of these models should be a significant improvement over the magnum 99. I am wondering if anyone who have heard them both has any opinions/thoughts on how they compare.


I purchased a used rogue RP7 from high end audio auction. It's in immaculate condition only one problem, I  can't stand it, it's bad really bad. It's got the stock JJ tubes and Hopefully replacing them will do the trick. I ordered some Brimars and Mazda tubes from Brent Jessee after recommendations from others, I hope to have them by Saturday. 
I re installed my schiit freya# I can't see how it betters the Rogue but it does for now. 

I would be a little concerned that one would have to buy NOS tubes to get a $5K preamp to sound its best. Even with stock tubes there should be a hint at what the tube should sound like without NOS tubes as it was with the stock tubes the preamp was voiced. For instance I have a Modwright LS100 and while NOS tubes are great in the LS100, the stock tubes gave me a good idea of how the preamp was going to play without spending a fortune on NOS tubes. The LS100 with stock tubes gave me about 88-90% of the best of what it has to offer, and NOS tubes took it even farther. Too, the LS100 is tube rectified so one can really tune the sound with either NOS 6SN7 tubes, or just rolling NOS rectifer tubes for not a lot of money. Then there is the "dance" with rolling both NOS 6SN7 and the rectifier tubes.

I have owned no less than 20 preamps of all brands and the vast majority were (are) tubed. I owned a Rogue RP-5. I never could get it to sound like anything but "analytical" no matter how much break-in time I gave it plus the number of NOS 12AU7 tubes I rolled, from Telefunken, to Mullard, to 5814 RCA "blackplates" to RCA "Cleartops". Was the RP-5 clear sounding? Yes? Detailed? Yes. Musical? No. So I sold it and got the Modwright and while someone somewhere said Rogue preamp owners who sold their preamp regret it, I never have. The Modwright is more musical and that is why I have a

Good luck with the tube adventure...

Ugh. It should read "a hint at what the PREAMP should sound like", not "hint at what the tube should sound like". Sorry...

The RP 7 will sound very good with the stock tubes (which are also the stock tubes supplied in new McIntosh hardware.  

They take quite a while to smooth out though, some say 500 to 700 hrs.

The RP 7, RP 5 do require a good matching amplifier.  With the Rogue Stereo 100 for example the sound of each is quite special, all with stock tubes. 

I found the RP 7 did not respond well to my best NOS tubes but the Stereo 100 sure did. 

Using random solid state amps all bets are off.