Rogue Audio Outlaw Receiver...owner thoughts?

Hi,.Would be very interested in hearing what people thought of the sonic quality of the Rogue receiver.
I think you might be confused on names.Rogue Audio and Outlaw Audio are two very different companies.
If it is the Outlaw 2150 receiver that you are referring to, Mikey reviewed it very favorably in Stereophile:

Remember, all outlaws are rogues, but not all rougues are outlaws.
I have a friend that has the Outlaw receiver with an entry level Pro-ject turntable, NAD M series universal disc player, and PSB full range speakers in a second system. To my ears it sounded grainy and a bit sterile. If you are considering purchasing one new you might well do better using that amount of money on a used integrated.
Whoops, yup....that's Outlaw Audio.. Thanks.
run the Outlaw receiver with my tv rig...good mid fi ss sound but I'd never use it for my primary listening rig...I like tubes.