Rogue Audio M 180 fuse upgrade

Hi, I am thinking of upgrading my power fuses to fururtech.
right now they are using .5 amp buss fuses, what would happen if I increased the fuse amp rating ? to 1 amp or 5 amp? would this allow more current delivery from my amps? could it damage them? .5 amp seems really small. Thanks, chris
IMO it would not help a thing and could DAMAGE your amp and void any warranty claims you might have. Don't do it! Only use the size fuse that is recommended.
how could it damage my amp? Thanks, Chris
First worry about the reasons for blowing fuses. The fuse is there for a reason.
I actually have not been blowing fuses, I have heard good things about upgrading fuses to better my sound, and was interested in what increasing the fuse amp rating would do.
Leave your factory fuse and move up the chain and get yourself a new power cord ...... it's that easy!
The purpose of fuses is to protect your gear. Using a larger value fuse will allow more current to flow before the fuse blows in case of a problem, and other expensive parts like output transistors may be damaged instead of the cheap fuse. As others pointer out you will also void your warranty.
As others have pointed out, fuses are designed to protect your components. In case of component failure, like a short, the fuse would blow, shutting off further current flow, and hopefully, preventing damage to other components in the unit. Increasing the current carrying capacity of the designed fuses may endanger your unit in case of component failure. This is not recommended.

If you wish to upgrade your fuses with audiophile fuses, you can safely replace your current ones with fuses of the same current carrying capacity. The rationale of audiophile fuses for enhancing the sound is NOT increasing current carrying capacity, but the improving the material of fuse, like silver or gold, and, sometimes, depending on the maker, damping the vibrations.
have you tried rolling the small signal tubes? If you want to improve the sound I would do that first. Mark likes smooth plate Tele's 12au7's and Brimar 12ax7's. Another great sounding option is the RCA 12ax7 black plates with square getters and RCA 5963 black plates with square getters. They sound really good in the amps and are not as much $$$.
You need to research what fuses are used for.
This needs to be said in a loud voice as it could be dangerous.
By all means, you can replace your fuse with a better made one but it has to be of the same value and rating.
Hi, Furutech fuses make a great upgrade however you do need to use the same rating / type (eg slow or fast blow, probably the former) as the factory recommend as they're there to protect. I've had two Rogue amps a while back and they're great plus excellent support from the two Marks. In my 88 magnum, siemens e80cc were much better than any of the 12au7 variants I tried though you should check with the factory whether the 180 circuit can support them also.

Good luck!
Never change the value of a fuse from the recommended value. Something small may short and blow the proper fuse. That can turn into a small repair. If that small part shorts and can't blow the fuse, something bigger may give and cost a lot more. Worst case, fire. A lot of people burned down homes and buildings doing this. Sadly people died to. At least homes have circuit breakers in the past half a century or so. The same happened with them, that is, people used oversize fuses in place of the correct ones. Sometimes they were bypassed. There were so many fuses used in the making of your recorded music it may seem unreal. They do very little, if any to degrade the sound. Some of the best recordings out there still had standard fuses everywhere in their making. If you can't find the fuse you need, don't worry about it. Just enjoy the music safely. Changing them doesn't give you the same difference like changing to better coupling capacitors, different tubes, etc. Wiki link for fuses. []