Rogue Audio M-120's

I'm going to buy a pair of these (Maybe) to use part time with my Apogee Duetta Signatures...the Duetta Signatures are not all that tuff to drive (nothing like the other Apogees).

Anyone ever own or listen the Rogue 120's?

I'll still have my old Krell Ksa-250 for those other moments so I'm not worried about high SPL's (100-125 watts a side) will be enough power. I've only got around $2,000 to spend so the Rogue or Quicksilver V-4's are at the top of my list.

My preamp is tubed Audioprism Mantissa, DAC is Counterpoint.

Thanks for any Rogue M-120 or Quicksilver V-4 impressions you can share.

Well Im very fimilar with the ksa250 (owned 3 of them) and i currently run the rogue 120's magnums. That Ksa250 is no slouch. The 120's will bring out much more detail while they still have fantasic lowend control. The 120;s are not a typical Lush sounding tube amp they have a faster sound.
Check this out. Heres how I upgraded. Started with Von schweikert Vr-4. Rogue 120's. Fantastic sound, ran out of power sometimes. Changed amps the VTL 300's, sold them, Hurricanes, sold them, Cary v-12 sold it, rogue Zues, sold it. Spent$$$ on new Von schweikerts, bought another set of M120's. Thats where im at. Thers things I miss about every amp ive sold, 120's? addictive. ( just ordered a older Ksa200B for my lowend Biamp. keep your ksa250 for refrence you will miss it.
Thanks illenema2, thats a full circle story if I ever heard one! I am keeping the Ksa-250...I've been on the look out for a pair of Apogee Diva for the longest time.
Typical Lush is not what I'm after, thanks for that info. I've had my old Onkyo M-504 driving the Apogees for the last two days (it has large power meters)...trying to form some SPL opinions. At this point I've not yet hit more than 100 watt peaks to play louder than I usually do with any of the music I've played.

Bought some Rogue M-120 Magnums...only one way to find out I guess.

Congrats Dave. One good thing about the 120's it that the next time you get the upgrade bug you can send them to Rogue and have them upgraded to the 150's. One of my buddies had his 120 Mag's upgraded to the 150's and it was a big difference. The main differnce I heard was a blacker background and more deatail. 150's run a lot cooler than the 120's also. Enjoy!
Eldarado, thanks buddy. I did read that the 120's run warm... I hope not warmer than my Ksa-250.

I've got them (non-magnum)- I love them. When finances agree I may consider the 150 upgrade. My thread when I was in your position:

Be interested in you impressions should you go with them. Have fun.
Hi Slothman

Got an e-mail this morning..." the Rogue are shipping today".

I'll email my impressions to you after I've had some time with them...I am expecting good things based on my research, and other components these will be mated with in my room.

I read your thread...thanks buddy...happy audiophiles have more time for music!