Rogue Audio has released a new line

For all you Rogue lovers out there,here's some news that may interest you.
Mark has a new line called the 'Titan Series'

Atlas Power Amp 60 WPC
EL-34 12ax7 12au7
Built in bias meter
4+8 ohm taps
He finally put the tubes in front of the transformers so you can see them! :~)
RETAIL $1395

Cronus Integrated Amp 60 WPC
EL-34 12ax7 12au7
Comes with a built in solid state phono stage and head phone amp. Heavy steel remote
RETAIL $1795

Metis Preamp
Two 6SN7's
Comes with a built in solid state phono stage and head phone amp. Heavy steel remote

You can see some great pictures of these on the AudiogoN home page at the bottom.
There is a link to CES photos by Albert Porter.
I think Im going to sell my 66 mag to check out the new Metis!
I love Rogue...Rogue Ales that is!!! I think Rogue Audio's
next lineup should have names like "Shakespeare Stout monos"
or "Dead Guy Ale integrated" with coupons for a free case of
the Rogue Ales namesake.

Maybe a merger of the two? The synergies are almost endless!!!

I'm sure Albert "mocha" Porter would agree.... ;-)
THere *WAS* a link to CES pics at the bottom of the agon homepage.
Apparently this is down as they are in the process of adding more pics and info.
You can get the link to CES pics on the side bar of the homepage under the 'learn' catagory.
There is a link 'show coverage' hit that then the CES link and go through the pics until you find the Rogue room.Lots of great pics by Mr.Albert Porter.
I heard the $1400 integrated at CES. Even under show conditions, the system it was in sounded good. Their equipment looked pretty good too, particularly at their reasonable price points.
I agree Larri,their products are built to high standards.
The fit and finish is hard to find at these prices.
Besides that,Rogue gear sounds better than it should for the money.
I have owned 2 Rouge pieces and I've heard almost everything they have out.
If no one has seen and heard their Zeus,they are missing out on a treat!
Does anybody know when these are supposed to be released? The Metis has me very interested.

And by chance, does anybody know what the output impedance on the preamp would be?

Can't wait to see some reviews -- especially with the integrated phono preamp.
Mad Milk Man-I posted above when these new componants were being shipped.Released? I would imagine soon.
Best way to find out this and the impedence question is to contact Rogue directly.
Mark O'Brien answers e-mails and the phone,is very personable, and will take time to chat if you call him. or 570-992-9901
Tell him "Dave" sent you.
BTW,do you have any chocolate?
Dave --

I'm not much of a chocolate eater, although chocolate milk is responsible for my screen name...

Anyway, I'll give them a call on Monday. It's always fun to talk to the guys behind the gear.
FLASH! Rogue Audio has their new product line now on their website.
Great pictures,specs. and prices.
Great, the one day I don't check the website...

Anyway, the Metis preamp still looks great. Time to start saving those pennies!
Latest FLASH- Playboy magazine is showing the Rogue line in the next issue.
Mark O. told me today.He thinks its a hoot!
Oh,and dont forget to check out the babes!! :~)
Clarification- The current Playboy has the 99 mag and M-150 featured,not the new line.
Im sorry for the wrong information.
They shure have. Get one!! but If you haven't a sub bi amp with ss. Or just listen to pure silk! Your choice. YA Know what I mean.