Rogue Audio Cronus ...what speakers do you love ?

I'm currently using my wonderful Cronus integrated amp to drive my beloved Vandersteen 1C speakers (click on my "system"). Happiness is flowing all around my music room with this combination. Which speakers are you other Cronus owners using ?? What's great about what you now have ?? What are you wishing for with a speaker upgrade ??
I am using it with my Triangle Altea ESW speakers and very happy with the result.
I used mine with Quad 2805 in a smaller room. It was a great match for that room size. I had Rogue modify my Cronus and it was a really sweet sounding amp for the price.
Tyler Linbrook System 2s. If I change speakers it might be Tyler's new Decade D2 or Adagios
I bought a Cronus Magnum a couple months ago to go with my DeVore Gibbon 8s. I had been using an solid state pre/pro and the Cronus simply blows it away. I had no idea my Gibbons had that much bass in them. I also recently upgraded my DAC (Wavelength Brick v1 to a v2) and the two changes really took things to a whole new level. I was planning on moving up to DeVore's Super 8's or even the I'm not so sure. I'm actually pretty happy with my set-up.
Thanks for the responses so far. Does anyone out there have experience with the Cronus and any of the bigger Vandersteens ?
I heard the Cronus Magnum with Paradigm Studio Monitors at a dealer and they sounded really good
Yes I had the Cronus with Vandersteen 2Ce Sigs and this was a very good combo, dynammic and extended beyond what the 1cs provide, though the 1cs are an incredible value. Later I sold the Cronus and the Vandersteens in my continued quest and switched to Thiel 2.4s. I would bet that the Cronus would work very well with these superb speakers too.

I would recommend the Cronus with the 2Ce Sigs hands down.
I also have the Cronus Magnum upgrade paired with 1C's. I recently added one 2wq sub and the sound is excellent: musical, transparent; and this in a fairly compromised 12x12 den. That may be a good option for you if you are considering upgrading to 2Ces
Paradigm Titan Monitors, they just upgrade Tannoy Stirling SE.
Any thoughts about the Revel Concerta F12........A good match ?
.If you remove the unused fender power
amp/speaker from your listening room
your speakers should sound better focused.
Just by having
other speakers in the same room makes them
behave as a trap.
certain frequencies
are then affected causing compromised performance.

Thanks JohnnyR..... I'll give your idea a try.
Being a Rogue and Tannoy dealer, I will second the suggestion above about the Stirling's along with the Turnberrys and also the Definitions (DC8, DC8T).
Also used the Magnum with Tyler Decade 3s

08-06-12: Audioconnection
If you remove the unused fender power amp/speaker from your listening room your speakers should sound better focused. Just by havingother speakers in the same room makes them behave as a trap. Certain frequencies are then affected causing compromised performance.

I'm so glad I read this! I'd heard of this before, and visit a couple of high end stores that keep most speakers in one room and only bring out the speakers you're interested in for an audition in a separate room. It always made sense to me that the diaphragms of the other speakers could absorb and release energy, causing suckouts and resonances and smearing the timing. But I never addressed it. For the last 3 years I've had a 2x10 bass combo amp in my 2-channel listening room. Although it's not terribly large, the cab is about 3.5 cu. ft. tuned to around 35 Hz, with two 10" LF drivers and a slot port at the bottom that could presumably take in low frequencies traveling along the floor, absorb them into the cabinet and then release them into the room via the drivers acting as passive radiators.

I've noticed that when I visit audio shops that have several pairs of speakers crammed into an auditioning room, none of them sound dynamic or engaging to me.

ANYWAY, after reading your suggestion, I wheeled the bass amp out of the listening room and fired up the stereo. Eureka! It was as if I'd may a $1,000 upgrade at least, whether in room treatments, better speakers, or better amp and speakers (which would have been way more than $1K).

The congestion and upper bass overload I was hearing at medium-high volumes disappeared, the entire presentation at every volume became much more clear and musical. Presentation was more linear with no noticeable lumps, and the soundstage became 3-dimensional as I'd never heard it in my room before. Whereas I used to assume my speakers or amp weren't up to the task of playing cleanly at higher volumes, I am now ready to let this system rip on bombastic orchestral pieces and big band. Woo-hoo!

It stands to reason that the effect of removing a guitar or bass amp will vary according to the size of the cab and speaker array relative to the room it's in and its position in the room. You may not hear a difference removing a Fender Champ or Princeton. But if it's a 2x12, half stack, or bass combo placed along the wall, I suspect it will consistently thwart efforts to tune the room.

Speaking of bass traps, I wonder how a pair of PA speaker columns (such as old Shure Vocalmasters) placed in the corners might work as bass traps?
I'm running a sort of scaled up version of the original poster's system: Rogue M-180s into Vandersteen Quatros. I'm using KT-120 tubes in place do the stock KT-90s. I wonder how a Cronus Magnum with KT-120s would compare to the M-180s.
I owned this amplifier with a pair of Paradigm Studio 20's v3 and had GREAT results. It was a beautiful combination. Given the price with stands, it was a no brainer for me.
I just bought a pair of Revel F-12's. As much as I have loved my Vandersteen 1C's, these Revels have brought my system up to new heights of musical bliss. I am thrilled with the improved dynamic range, deeper bottom end (with definition and clarity,) and cohesive balance of these speakers. Anyone want to buy a beautiful pair of Vandersteen 1C's ?
Does anyone have an opinion of Cronus driving Reference 3a
My opinion ofis probably not the best match but a decent one and still sound very good together most of the time.  

Off the cuff if it were me the Triangle and Vandersteen ideas would have a lot of appeal