Rogue Audio - Cronus vs Tempest II

Anybody have any experience with both? How do they compare
Coming from Solid State all my life. Currently have the b&w CM7's connected to a Pioneer Elite Receiver ...but the speakers still sound OK. One day (hopefully if the boss permits ;)) I will have a dedicated listening room with some ODEON's :) ..but till then they would have to drive the B&W's in the hometheater config I have.

The tempest will work well now because it has a passive pre (connect it out of the Pioneer pre and make it run just as an amp).

The Cronus would be complicated now, but would work great later as it has an active pre.
This will be somewhat of a rambling note:

I've listened to them both and recommend the Tempest-II over the Cronus.

The Cronus is from Rogue's more entry level, budget line. I think they call it the Atlas line, or something like that. Please don't quote me!

It was a Tempest-II that got me to switch from solid state. I owned it only a few weeks though and took it back to the shop and ordered a pair of Rogue M-180 monoblocks and a 99 Magnum preamp, which is my system now.

At some point in piddling around I brought a Cronus home to listen to it and it didn't do much for me. I liked the sound of the Tempest a lot more.

The Tempest-II can be switched between ultralinear and triode operation. The Cronus is only ultralinear.

Also, the Tempest-II can be upgraded to a Tempest-III, which not includes an active preamp. The guys in our shop here are having their Tempest-II demo unit upgraded. I'm guessing they'll get it back sometime this week, or maybe next week. I'm sure I'll get to listen to it pretty soon, so please let me know if you are interested in any feedback on it.

Anyway, sorry for rambling, but again, in my opinion, go with the Tempest-II.

P.S.: I was re-reading your post. I've listened to the Tempest on Merlin TSM, Silverline SR17.5, Canton Vento... I have not used it with B&W speakers. I'm not so sure how it would pair with them... I would encourage you to give that pairing a listen before buying... I think you'll need an active preamp section, which you seem to have addressed in your plan, so it may be okay.