Rogue Audio Cronus Question

I'm just getting used to a new(used) Rogue Cronus (not the Magnum) - and I noticed that if I leave the tuner on (Aux 1) while listening to the turntable (Phono), some faint music from the tuner comes out of ONE of the speakers. It's in phono mode, and obviously I can get rid of the sound by simply turning off the tuner, but why would that happen, and how can I correct? Thanks.
That sucks; it's crosstalk where one circuit causes a disturbance or "bleed-thru" to another circuit or channel. More sophisticated circuits and designs do not have this problem.
One of our resident experts will be able to tell you if anything can be done to rectify it.
My recently sold Sony tuner did not do this through my Modulus 3B and Odyssey amp but both of my Magnum Dynalab tuners FT101A and MD90 do cause creep through. I believe it's because the Tuners output voltage is very high. I have been turning off the tuners for years with no problems.
You can try shorting plugs in the unused inputs. My tuner bleeds over but not when the phono is playing! You can make your own plugs by using some cheap rca type cables,just cut them in half and twist the positive and ground together!
My Tivoli 2 radio does this. Never knew it was a cross talk circuit thingie, but that makes sense.
The first thing that I would do is double-check your cable routing. Make sure that the tuner interconnects are well away from the phono interconnects. Phono gets the largest boost in signal strength in a system so any stray noise will get boosted along with it. It's also especially important to keep phono interconnects away from power cables for the same reason.

As others have said it's called crosstalk and the phono input is most susceptible because of it's high gain (relative to the other inputs which are line-level).

Use short, shielded phono interconnects and route them away from other cables. And just turn OFF your tuner when not in use, no big deal.
My Cronus Magnum used to bleed thru to the speakers ever so slightly when using the headphone section. It was enough my trying-to-sleep wife would complain.
All that sais and it is usually referred to as cross talk there may be another potential problem to consider, which is just your phono pre picking up true RFI. I had a friend with that problem and one solution was to use a Faraday cage. I do think it is your tuner. One sure way to be certain is to take the tuner out of your system and hold it in another room entirely. Check to see if you still hear it or not. If you don't go back to the other advice people have provided.
Pehare, I had the same exact issue with a Magnum and headphones. Sweet amp though.
Thanks for letting us know. That is a real downer especially since I was considering the Cronos Magnum.

An integrated amp that sells for $2295.00 should perform without glitches like you described. I would get Mike O'Brien on the phone this week before he shoves off to CES, and tell him you want the amp repaired so the bleed-thru does not happen Good Luck, Jim
AGREE. (Mark O’Brien)
I have never had that problem with mine. I'm sure it can be fixed. Just call Rogue and they will take care of you. They are the best wgen it comes to customer service.