Rogue Audio Cronus &/or Atlas owners ... TUBES ?

My Rogue Audio Cronus integrated amp is about to reach its third birthday, and I'm ready to replace the original Svetlana EL-34 output tubes. What are your experiences and thoughts ? Stay with EL-34's ?, try Gold Lion KT-77's ?, perhaps EH KT-90's ? See my sysytem for the rest of my stuff. I mostly listen to 1950's - 1960's small ensemble jazz (tons of Blue Note re-issues, etc.)
I like KT90 tubes on my Cronus.
Hi Lamcam......Which KT-90's do you use ? And, how are they different in the Cronus from the original Svetlana EL-34's ? I'm assuming you have the original Cronus, and not the Magnum version.
I am currently using EH Kt-90's in my Atlas ( magnum upgrade) and the results are outstanding. My friend swears by the Gold Lion KT-77's in his Atlas (magnum upgrade) I like the KT-90's because of the added weight and authority you get with the extra power they provide, I am able to drive my Clements RT-7's (big floor standers) with ease. Not only do the KT-90's have the added bass authority, they are also extremely detailed and extended in the higher frequencies. This weekend I plan on getting some hours on my Gold Lion KT-77's and then doing some comparisons
I have an older (non-Magnum) Cronus and I am using the original KT-77's that came with it. Anyway, after talking to Rogue, I was under the impression that only the Magnum, which has a beefier power supply could use KT-90's. IMHO, I just think it is hard to beat a nice set of EL-34's.
Catman you are correct the Magnum version supports use of the KT90s.

Adam what signal tubes are you using?
I am using EH KT90 on my Cronus Magnum.
Hey Facten..........
I replaced all the small tubes, with the guidance of Nick and Mark at Rogue Audio, as follows : an RCA 5814A in the center gain stage position, a pair of GE 5751 "Goldpins" in the 12AX7 slots, and a pair of GE 12AU7A's in the 12AU7 positions. All tubes are "NOS." This change in the five small tubes created a very beautiful improvement in the overall musical presentation of my system.
So, with all this in mind, and again with the guidance of Mark O'Brien, I'm seriously considering the Genalex Gold Lion KT-77's.
They shipped my Magum with Sylvanias which were very nice sounding, but Ididsome tube rolling afterwardsand have Tungsol 5751s and RFT 12au7s - , theSylvanias were not bright but these have a slightly warmer sound which I prefer
A follow-up........ I replaced the original Svetlana EL-34's with a brand new matched quad of Genelex Gold Lion KT-77's. Absolutely beautiful.....My system has never sounded better !
Three weeks later .... WOW ! I am loving the music !
Any updates from anyone here? I would like to hear more :)
A year later... the amp sounds absolutely wonderful with the Gold Lion KT-77's.
Thanks Adam18,

Very nice system. I appreciate the update.

I use the KT90s in my Magnum version, so take this for what it is worth , might want to try the Black Trasure 6CA7 in place of the EL34/KT77 - I sawpped a quad of BT KT88s in my Ayon Spirit 2 in place of the very good Gold Lion Reissues and they took the sound up a several notches - don't know if their 6CA7s would have a similar effect