Rogue Audio Cronus (Magnum) Mk1 -vs- Mk3

I have owned my Cronus for about 10 years.  I've upgraded to the KT-88 over the years. I really love it - sound,
build quality, and price - all great.
I imagine there might be some folks here that will blast me for my preference, but I've listened to a fair amount 
of product and I still think the Rogue is very good. 
Anyway, I'm considering an retrofit upgrade to the new Mk3.  I see all the new feature, but
I have a separate phono stage and don't use headphones much, so I guess I'm most interested in the 
Ultra-Linear vs Triode mode and any other tweaks that Mark has been able to make over time.

Has anyone upgraded? What are you thoughts?   Is it a big-ish( not expecting miracles) enough improvement?



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I would call Robert at Stereo Unlimited in San Diego, big Rogue fan - should give you unvarnished opinion