Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II and What Bookshelf Speakers

A very brief background...

I currently have an Icon Audio Stereo 20pp integrated amp paired with a set of Martin Logan lx16 speakers.  I am happy with the sound.  I'm not really able to compare it to anything as this was my first foray into the world of tube amps.  Compared to everything else that I have owned the sound is great.

I am now looking to add to my equipment.  I am pretty much settled on the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum ii based on power and more importantly price.  From what I have read it seems like you get the most bang for your buck.  I am looking for advice on some bookshelf speakers.  I do listen to almost every type of music but really prefer classic rock, southern rock, and hard rock.  I love hearing the mids and highs of the guitars as  well last he depth of the vocals.  While I am not looking for earth shattering bass I do like some low end to bring out the punchiness of the guitars and drums. 
I have auditioned the Revel Performas, on a SS amp) but was surprised and their with range of sounds, from highs to lows.  I have read many discussions saying that Rogue Audio and Revel pair well together.  I am just looking for other options for bookshelf speakers.  I would like to stay sub $1500, closer to $1000 would be better.  I am 90% set on the amp and want to stay with a tube integrated.  It will be going in a roughly 300 sq ft room, an attic space with a vaulted ceiling.  Any advice would be appreciated.

I’ve owned the CM2 driving a pair of Harbeth C7s and the results were very good.  The highs and midrange was fantastic.  Like with any set of monitors, the low end was decent but a sub would have definitely helped.  Good luck! 
I second the JBL, they are a Rock speaker and very tube friendly.  Harbeth speakers are not really designed for Rock.
So not to sidetrack the conversation but after a bunch more research and some auditioning I am going with a Primaluna prologue premium.  I would imagine that speaker choices would be about the same a with the Rogue Audio amp but please let me know if there are different choices that pair better with the Primaluna amp. Same situation with the rock music and wanting a little bottom end but nothing crazy.

There's a pair of Bryston Mini As available here now that seem to tick all your boxes, work really well for your preferred type of music,  and are listed at $899 for the pair.  Read the Soundstage review for more info.  Best of luck. 
Usher N-6300.  The 7" woofer will throw some bass out in that rather large space and they will play well with the tone of the Rogue.

I'm also going to throw out a dark horse - the Polk LSiM 703.  These are easily found for less than half their $1500 retail and are great speakers that can fill that room.