Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum hookup questions

I finally have my dream amp, a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum, in my hands. I'm hooking it up tomorrow before a big party I'm throwing and have a few questions as this is my first integrated amp and I don't want to make a mistake.

1. How do I hook up my Energy S8.3 to the amp? In addition to the L/R speaker outputs, it has RCA fixed and variable outs. Which out do I use and how do I connect it to the sub?

If I can hook it up, do I just set the crossover active and to 80HZ as it is now?

2. If my phono cable that came with my Music Hall 7.1 is not long enough to reach the phono input(with built in stage) on the Cronus, can I run it through my separate phono stage and into one of the aux inputs on the Cronus till I can order a custom phono cable long enough to run direct to the Magnum's phono stage?

3. I also wanted to make sure that I can run the pre out on my HK AVR 325 into the other aux input of the Rogue so I can utilize the L/R speakers for TV and Blu Ray.

4. Finally, can I run the audio out of my blu ray to one of the aux inputs on the Rogue while also running an HDMI out of the blu ray to the TV? Or do I need to get a separate CD player for music and depend on the pre out of the AVR to deliver sound to the L/R speakers and sub via the Rogue?

Thanks in advance.
Nice amp - congrats.

1. From the Energy manual, looks like you are going to have to choose either hooking the sub up to your AVR to get bass management features (important for movies and scary LFE levels), or hook the sub up via speaker wires since the manual says specifically NOT to hook up both at the same time.

If you do hook up the sub via the RCA sub input from your AVR, you won't have a sub while listening to 2-channel sources connected to the Cronus.

If you do hook the sub up to the Cronus, you could use either the variable outputs or the speaker level connections. The Cronus has Left AND Right variable outputs, but the sub only has one RCA jack - so either pick left OR right from the Cronus. You can not use a simple "Y" cable as that is for *splitting* signals - you need a *summing cable* which has resistors in a circuit setup to properly sum the signals. You'd be better off for now using the speaker level connections.

2. Yes

3. Yes you can but since the Cronus does not have HT Direct, you need to be mindful of where the volume control is set on the Cronus. You should pick a volume setting and then run the audio calibration setup on your AVR - mark where the volume on the Cronus is set and then any time you switch to that input set the volume control to that setting. This does go back to point 1 - on how you have your sub connected. If you have the sub connected to the Cronus, you won't have any bass management from the AVR - be sure to set Fronts=Large, Bass=Fronts/no sub.

4. Yes.
When putting the KT90 output tubes in my new Rogue Cronus Magnum, I heard something rattling around in one of them. The other three are quiet. Does that mean the tube is definitely bad and I should not power the amp up?

I wanted to have it up and running in a couple hours.

When I picked it up at UPS, they had the box standing on it's side despite arrows on the box showing it should be laid flat and fragile symbols. When I pointed it out they said "Oh we don't do that", referring to following handling instructions on boxes.
I don't see anything moving around in the tube. Just a faint rattle when I was installing it and when I give it a light shake.

Think it's ok to power up?
It's working and sounds incredible! I'm having some turntable issues but CDs and blurays are rocking in 2 ch.
What are your turntable issues?