Rogue audio amp thoughts

I am looking to upgrade my power section from Cambridge 640A to go with Rega Dac R and Tyler Taylo monitors.  I have listened to and am interested in Rogue, and after hearing the Cronus with the Tyler’s, realized I probably wouldn’t be fully satisfied with the Sphinx long term, but couldn’t replace with an all tube integrated or separates all at once.  I can use the pre section of Cambridge with a different power amp but not vice versa.  Would I be better off getting a Sphinx first And later getting a tube power (Atlas/ Stereo 90) later and use the Sphinx pre section, or pick up one of the above mentioned power amps first and use pre section of Cambridge until I can get a stand alone pre amp further down the road?  Thanks for any thoughts!

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01-05-2019 10:22am
I upgraded to a Rogue Cronos Magnum 2 three years ago from a Cambridge integrated . The Rogue is fantastic and service and support from Rogue excellent. I paired the amp with Golden Ear Triton plus 2 speakers to boost bass . I bought the amp and speakers as a retirement gift to myself and plan to keep it until my kids send me to a home ! In my opinion you cannot go wrong w Rogue ! Best !

I have T1s and am thinking of a Cronus.

Also, Rogue recently updated the Cronus Magnum to version "III", with a significantly improved phono stage, improved preamp stage & headphone outputs, and a toggle switch for triode/ultralinear modes. If possible, beg/borrow/trade with a dealer :)
I have the Magnum II for the last year and highly recommend it.
With my special tube sauce it's really all I need.
Very nice!
I use the Rouge Triton phono, pirchased because I like Rogue qualities sound and build. This thing is under the radar, very good!