Rogue audio amp thoughts

I am looking to upgrade my power section from Cambridge 640A to go with Rega Dac R and Tyler Taylo monitors.  I have listened to and am interested in Rogue, and after hearing the Cronus with the Tyler’s, realized I probably wouldn’t be fully satisfied with the Sphinx long term, but couldn’t replace with an all tube integrated or separates all at once.  I can use the pre section of Cambridge with a different power amp but not vice versa.  Would I be better off getting a Sphinx first And later getting a tube power (Atlas/ Stereo 90) later and use the Sphinx pre section, or pick up one of the above mentioned power amps first and use pre section of Cambridge until I can get a stand alone pre amp further down the road?  Thanks for any thoughts!
Don't forget to try out a Rogue Pharaoh integrated. like the Sphinx with more power.
Cronus is an all tube-stage design, preamp and amp. It will respond well to tube rolling if you wish. Terrific amp if you want the complete sonic characteristics of tubes.

Sphinx is a hybrid, tube preamp and SS amp section.
I have not heard this amp, but there are many threads in the archives.

Also keep in mind that the Sphinx is a class D hybrid.  If you have the funds, I would look into the Asethetix Mimas integrated amp. Its also a hybrid, tube pre amp section but with a class a/b SS amp section.  In my opinion, one the best integrates to hit the market in recent days.  It’s significantly better than the Cronus Magnum 2 that I use to own.  It’s twice the cost, but truly you get the best of two worlds...SS power with tube sweetness. Btw, I personally would stay away from the Sphinx and go the CM2, your ears will thank you for it. 
My local shop just got a Sphinx back in stock, so I could AB that with the Cronus with my speakers and dac, whether it was my other components being less than overly revealing or my ears being not as discerning, I actually didn’t hear much difference between the two, so I think I will go with the Sphinx when I can.  Now to start researching trade in vs selling.