Rogue Atlas vs Jolida 502A Rosponse Audio modded

I have the Jolida 502A modded by Response Audio. I was just wondering if the Rogue Atlas was any better. Or if anyone had any experience with the two.

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i would think this system sounds really good as it is....eclectic and cool.
Thanks for the reply Jaybo. It does. It sounds great. Even with all the mods I feel that the Jolida might be relatively inferior, though I have nothing to compare it to to justify the change. I know that with all of the mods it's much better sounding to my ear than my Belles 150A which has gotten rave reviews. Even the bass slam is better than the 150A.

Jaybo have you any experience with the Audio Research VT-60 I have someone in my area selling one for $890.
The Rogue Atlas Magnum is the finest amplifier I have heard for under $2k and beats many at 2x it's cost .
90wpc tube power with outstanding upgraded parts. The heart
of the unit uses a high silicon steel transformer all wound in the U.S
this unit weighs 50lbs and allows you to bias each tube
individually and the EH- KT-90 tubes are like EL-34s on steroids.