rogue 99mag, modwright, quicksilver preamp????

looking for open, warm, big soundstage. need to decide on rogue 99 magnum
modwright ls1000
quicksilver line
Forget the Quicksilver - basic entry level preamp. I prefer the 99 because of the 6SN7 tubes. If you go with the 99, get the CBS 6SN7 tubes for it, you can get pairs on ebay for $20.

Happy Listening.
The original Quicksilver full function preamp may give you the sound you are looking for. It has very low output impedance making it compatible with most any amplifier and cables.
You can achieve what you are looking for with the new ModWright preamp - LS100.

6SN7 drivers and 5AR4 variants rectifier.

Very tunable to your sonic preference.

Disclaimer: I am an authorized reseller of the ModWright line. I have owned Quicksilver in the past and live with other preamp lines we carry as well. This unit happens to have the ability to be tailored sonically to what you requested you are looking for. Many others simply don't have that capability.
What exactly is an authorized reseller?