Rogue 99 or Perseus?

I used to have a Rogue magnum 99 several years ago and it wasn't too shabby. I used it in another system all together. Now I am wanting another tube preamp for my current setup. I have been looking at the Perseus magnum. Would the Perseus be a step up or a lateral move? I am using an Acoustat TNT 200 amp and Polk 2.3tl speakers.
This really a tough call....

As a Rogue dealer, both are really nice pre's with overall sound qualities that I would consider similar. But, IMHO, I think that the 99 would probably ultimately win out as the best of the two in a head to head (and it should for the slight price difference).

Have you thought about sending Mark an email at Rogue to get his opinion?

Thanks. I am looking at both units used and they are in the $1500-$1600 range. I will ask Mark and ask him how it might mate with the TNT 200. They both use different tubes, 12au7's for the Perseus and 6sn7's for the 99 magnum. I was figuring they would sound alot different?