Rogue 99 Mag re-tube Q

I want to re-tube my Rogue 99 Magnum and am unsure of what my choices should be. I know what I'd like to hear but I know jack about getting there. I listen to a wide range of musical genres and prefer a well defined, rich and wide soundstage at low to medium levels but want the shoot out the lights punch when needed. I'm looking for a do it all set up. I've heard that other Rogue owners like to split up the tube pairs so as not to attenuate the shortcomings of one tube type. Price is an object but for 4 tubes I think I can afford almost anything except maybe NOS TungSols or Mullards. Any intelligent thoughts are appreciated.
The reason to buy different tubes for the 99 is because 2 of the tubes are used in a manner which does not affect the sound very much, about 10% (per Mark OBrien) if I remember right. So replace the other tubes with the best you can afford and save some on the 2 that are less critical.
Even though Rogue says the mu-follower, or second position tubes (these are the left tubes), have a small effect on the sonics, this is not true. They have a considerable effect, though not as much as the first position tubes. It is definitely more than 10%, probably more like 30-40%. Believe me, I know, because I own a Rogue M99.
Thanks Kevziek. What did you put in your M99? Can you describe the sound?
Hi Axspike,
I’ve owned the Rogue 99 magnum and tried many diffident tubes. Here’re two of my favorites:

1st : Sylvania JAN-CHS-6SN7GT (1952’s tall bottle): They have very nice top end extension, liquid treble, lush mids, and solid bass also a bigger soundstage.

2nd: KenRad VT-231 (6SN7GT, mid-1940's staggered plates): killer bass, very dynamic, a bit dark and very smooth.

I talked to Mark O’Brian and he mentioned the layout of tubes inside the 99. The 2 on the right are from top to bottom: right channel amp tube and left channel amp tube. He suggested using the best tubes in these 2 slots. The 2 on the left are from top to bottom: right channel mu follower and left channel mu follower. The two tubes on the right are about 70-80% of the sound while the two tubes on the left contributing 20-30% to the sound. Good luck and keep us posted
Dbui1 Hi.
I was wondering how much the tubes you mentioned should cost?I like to roll tubes on my Rogue 99 .
Thanks Dubi1. I've been looking for a pair of '52s but no luck yet. Do you have a pair to sell? I've heard a lot about them and the KRs. Anyone out there with a pair of '52s or a pair of TS-RP, please contact me.
I would talk to Mark O Brien at Rogue. Who would Know better? I just re tubed my 99 with Electro Harmonix, and they are micro phonic no matter what I try. I ended up sending my unit in for the Magnum upgrade, which will include new tubes...
Following are my favorite combinations, for different reasons:

1. All around listening, very musical for all sorts of genre, this combination seems to please most everyone: Right side: NATIONAL UNION (black glass) -- Left side: NEOTRON or TUNG SOL round plates (both are pretty much the same construction).

2. For a darker sound with great bass, good for Rock, Texas Swing, Norteno, Reggae, the Harmonicats, and Jazz: Right side: SYLVANIA S6N7W (metal or black base: same construction) -- Left Side KEN RAD VT231 -- for a little less darkness substitute the Ken Rads with RAYTHEON 6SN7WGT or NEOTRON or TUNG SOL round plates work really good here as well.

3. Classical, very smooth throughout entire range: Right Side: SYLVANIA 6SN7W -- Left side: NATIONAL UNION (black glass)

4. Another classical, different from above, very pleasing: Right Side: BRIMAR CV1988 (black glass) -- Left side RAYTHEON 6SN7WGT (this combination can be switched from side to side)

For phono stage, have been very happy with the following: Back tubes: MULLARD CRYO CV4004/ECC83 -- Front tubes: TELEFUNKEN ECC83 gold pins from early '60s.