Rogue 66 vs. 99, the magnum versions

I'm issuing a challenge. For those of you with experience with both the Rogue 66 and 99 magnums. Is it worth it to go with the 99? This coming week both will arrive at my doorstep. I'll choose one and sell the others. I'm not into the hype surround some of the more excentric audio products, power cables for example.
So, what do you think?
Im very interested to hear what everyone says about these two. What amp will you be running them with?
The two models (66 and 99) use different types of tubes, so they will sound slightly different. So it will be partially subjective which you like better.

The Magnum versions comes with better stock tubes than the regular version. If you upgrade the tubes in a regular version you will be moving closer to the Magnum model.

Just judging by tubes alone, I like the sound of 6SN7 tubes. These are found in the 99 (four of them). So all other things being equal, it is likely I would prefer the 99.
I currently own both models. If I find the 66mag is significantly close enough in subjective listening I will post my opinions. If it's not that much better, I'll be selling the magnum 99 version.