Rogue 66 vs 66 magnum version?

Hello, I've been using a Rogue 66 version and have been very happy. Considering the upgrade to the Magnum version and wanting to know if any inmates have done the upgrade and with what results compared to the stock version. Thanks, Bradz
How long have you had it.Wait at least 3 month to take the jump.Really listen to your system.What are you using for a source.The money might yeild more benifit there.
Martin Dewulf in Issue 135 Bound For Sound say's "if you dont get it "right" coming off the disc(needle-disc or silver digit cookie) it can't be recovered leter on down the line.Once gone,forever gone."
Hello again Leafs. You've responded to some of my earlier posts. My system is listed under virtual systems. Which Rogue version do you have...66,99,stock,magnum? I've considered upgrading my Sony 7700 dvd for something like a used Meridian or similar caliber dvd/cdp or looking into a dedicated one box cdp and a separate dvd for the pleasure of movies. What does your system consists of and is there a one box cdp you might recommend if I was to upgrade? Regards, Brad
I have 66 witch was upgraded before mark came out with the Magnum upgrades.How much money do you have to spend on a CDP>
I understand and have always believed what you mentioned as the source being very important because that is where the signal starts. I was just wondering if anyone out there has compared a stock 66 to a Magnum version and with what results.