Rogue 66 upgrade

Has anyone tried the Rogue 66 upgrade?
contact Drumsgreg,he is having his 66 upgraded right now.
I had mine done by Mark O'Brien at Rogue.Worth every penny.
Can someone explain what all is involved in the upgrade and what the cost is to have it done?
They change out the caps and alot of the resitors, they change the tubes in the line stage and the wire going to the main outs and from the selecter swicth with silver wire, the line stage tube sockets are changed to gold plated ceramic, and they do some work to the power supply. Mark say the unit will sound better than you could ever thought the little pre-amp could sound. He`s working on the ones for the model 88 amp should be ready in a month.I f you don`t have these you need to get these asap the cardas caps are just unreal as to the noise they will reduce in the pre-amp. Greg
Why didn't they do these upgrades originally? This preamp hasn't been on the market very long.
I got my unit back ,and all I can say is if you own one of these you should have it done ,I couldn`t believe how much better this unit sounded and the turn around time is fast. Best money I`ve spent in a long time . also you should try the Cardas caps on your unused inputs and outputs it will quite the unit down alot, this a great little pre-amp made much better . Greg
Glad your 66 is singing pretty Greg! In another thread we were discussing drilling a hole in the power suppy of the 99 and I presume the 66 also.I went ahead and drilled a small hole and filled it with sand.It quieted the power supply to absolute silence and made the 99 as quiet as any solid state pre I have heard.Before anyone does this I urge you to contact Mark first for the basic instructions.
Clark,the upgrades would put the original unit at a price point higher than the MFG wanted it to be.After 3 years of making it they have had request for upgrades and have come up with one which is not just a parts upgrade but a sonic upgrade.There are a lot of MFG who do parts upgrades to their gear but how many actually make sonic upgrades.