Rogue 66 Tube suggestions

Any suggestions by users on what works well.Please dont post ask Kevin at upscale suggestions.I want users to comment.
Purchased a pair of Mullard CV4003 for the line stage - recommended by Upscale but purchased elsewhere for cheaper. Have yet to insert as I am burning in another component at this time. These are supposed to be very good - will report in a week's time...
Hi Leafs,As you know I have the 99.My line stage has NOS G.E.6SN7"s my phono has Telefunkin 12AX7's and NOS Radiotechnique 12AU7's.I recently talked to Mark O.He told me he is getting in some KILLER NOS 6SN7's soon and is going to send me some.I know this doesnt help you out but I would get a hold of Mark as he gets feedback from Rogue owners on what tubes work best etc.He may even have some KILLER NOS tubes coming in for the 66 also.I dont know if you have ever had contact with him but he is a great guy and will be happy to talk to you or answer your questions via e-mail.I think he is the best bet to answer your questions on tubes for your 66..
I just tried the Mullard CV 4003.They are very very good.Big improvment over the stock tubes.If interested email for details.