Rogue 66 or AES pre?

Would be using with Sony 7700 dvd,Cardas 300 b ic, Cal Sigama dac w/ Mullard 4004 nos and 24/96 chip,Morrison pre(want to use a tube pre), Odyssey amp, AP oval 9 biwire, Magnepan 1.6. The Morrison is very transparent and at times is too much. Thanks for any advice. Regards, Brad
Rouge 66.Get a used on for 800/900.HARD TO BEAT.
Do you own the Rogue 66 and how does it sound?
Sound is very detailed,great soundstage,timbers are correct.It just sound right.
What does the rest of your system consist of?
Rogue Monoblocks 120,Well Tempered Clasic Turtable Benz Micro Glider,Coincident Super Conquests, All Coincident IC AND speaker cables.Nakamichi & cd Changer,My weak link.
bradz, i must 1st say that i'm extrapolating here, cuz i've never heard a rogue66 or an aes preamp. but, i *did* do a direct comparison between a rogue 99 magnum-updated preamp, & a cary slp98. this was in my home, for a couple of months. the cary won hands-down, in all areas. based upon this, if it were me, i'd get an aes preamp, if these were my choices. but, at this price-range, i'd get a melos sha-gold-r/maestro over *either* of 'em! ;~)

ymmv, doug s.

dud,that dead concert in 75 has warped your mind.ROGUE RULES..... PERIOD! :) Mark and I want a "conference" with you in Pa.!
hi david, it's obvious that ewe haven't had the opportunity to *hear* a melos preamp... ;~) and, what's wrong w/ewe - posting a response instead of yust pinging me w/negative wotes?!? ;~)

regards, dug seed in

ps - i know the real reason ewe won't switch preamps - yude have to change yer moniker! :>)

Actually Dud,my first choice when I was looking to buy a pre was a dealer had a used one in stock but steered me to the 99 instead.He said "no contest"Just his opinion of course.I will give you your well deserved negatives in due time!!!How dare you voice your opinion here!!!!
ya know, dave, in all seriousness - yer dealer recommending the rogue, is kinda funny - perhaps he carried rogue, & wanted sell gnu product? the reason i say this, is one dealer i spoke with - audio connection, in verona, nj (wery helpful, & i'd shop there if i lived there), was trying to help me w/preamps. they carry rogue *and* cary - two pre's besides the melos, that i was considering. (at the time, i was considering the sha-gold, not the ma-333 that i ended-up buying). anyway, i mentioned i was also considering a used sha-gold, & they proceeded to tell me that they used to be a melos dealer, & that if i could find one in decent shape, that i should yust *do* it - that it wood smoke *anything* from cary or rogue. not only did they discourage me from buying someting gnu from 'em, it wasn't even them that had the used melos i was considering! needless to say, i was duly impressed w/their attitude - something along the lines of them rather having *no* customer than one that wasn't satisfied. unusual in this day & age, & i always check out their site to see if they have anyting i mite be interested in - *this* is the type of store where i *wanna* shop. they were willing to have a cary preamp drop-shipped to my house for a no-strings-attached demo, where the local dealer woodn't even let me take his demo-unit home for audition...

regards, doug s.

Dud- Melos/Rogue... all I know is I have one killer preamp that I got new for less than the price of the used Melos (except phono which came later with an even trade for my Black Cube)its been a while,but I think he wanted $1500 (sound right?) for the melos and I got the 99 with added NOS 6SN7's for just < $1400(plus a non $$ favor) and I couldnt be happier.With the right speaker placement and some additional room treatment my 99 and Aleph-3 combo SMOKES on metal and rock which is 75% of what I play.I've read other Aleph-3 owners felt bass was lacking with this fine amp.Also "heard" lack of bass with the 99 :) not here in my treated 15x24x8 foot room! My system is KILLER and Im very happy with my sound.
PS there was a dealer in Florida who offered me a new 99 for $1325 drop shipped from Pa.I still cant figure why some dealers wont budge and others offer deep discounts.
Bradz: You got some weird arguing here, and you just need a great preamp for the $$$. Dude, ignore the arguing outside your topic and start looking for a used Joule. I am. You even get a couple posts from Asa who wrote the damn review of it at Absoute Sound for crissake! I was in your shoes and now have shifted gears away from Rogue, which I was looking at and spend a few more bucks for a used Audiogon Joule. I always thought I couldn't afford more than a Rogue, and the beautiful looking and fancy parts Joule always seemed out of my price until I saw the thread and checked out what it would cost me to get a much better preamp right here on Audiogon. Jeez, you posters here are kinda intense.
Hi David, Could you send me an e-mail and let me know the dealer who you went through? I too have been calling around and most dealers don't want to come down much on the price! Thanks, Brad
One more question...not to start another argument here but, Sedond what is with the way you type a you know the english language or is it just a thing you do?
Try to look beyond Rogue dude, and Melos is friggin out of business, whenever you see a company selling cheap and more discounts to dealers that isn't a good sign at all. The build quality and the cosmetics aren't up to the rest of your system. Buy an Quicksilver, EAR or Joule, as the previous guy told you wisely. You won't be sorry to go high class, but used, stay away from flavor of the month. Will Rogue be in business in a couple years? Remember how "big" Melos was? Is Rogue the new Melos. Dunno, but stay with company that's been in business for a long time.
dave, yer dealer was giving ewe a good price on the rogue - about what i paid for my magnum-wersion of the 99. but, i'd never pay more than $1k for an sha-gold!

bradz, yes i'm quite fluent in anglais, but i enyoy havin' fun, too - hope it doesn't bother ya too much! ;~) also, if melos *does* scare ya - & i couldn't blame ya if it did - then, i'd suggest taking halveford-9's adwice & getting a joule - imo, the only other pre even close to the melos, at anywhere near the price, also a steal when bought used... milman's absolutely right, & i won't argue - melos went under because of poor quality-control. ah, but the *sound*! :>) i'm tryin' to figure out a way to come up w/some scratch for a pair of their mat-180 amps - even if i have to part w/my brand-gnu electrocompaniet wa60ftt's, isle get those melos amps if i can swing it... oh, and halveford9 - me-n-dave are buddies - we're yust playing, hope ya don't mind! :>)

regards all, doug s.

If you knew a little about Rogue then you would know how many amps and preamps they sell.Trust me,they are in the big leagues now and only after a few short years.The dealer I got the 99 from is a personal friend who I do favors for including spreading his business on the internet and e-mailing people who post "wanted" ads for gear he has in stock.I work for my discounts and am happy to help him out too.
As far as arguing here....We arent! You aint seen nuttin yet if you think this is arguing!
Is there more than one model of the Joule pre? I do remember the LA-100 I right? Dave, could you steer me in the direction of your dealer friend? I would be much obliged! Thanks
Hi Dave, I talked to your dealer friend earlier about the Rogue pre, and he couldn't give a good deal...why????
Bradz-Tell me how your conversation went and what his lowest price is.He is (usually) very easy to negotiate with...what Rogue pre also 66 or 99?
Hi David, The conversion went ok. I told him that you David "tube rush" refered me to him. When I was talking to him, he seemed distant at times. I then mentioned that I have been shopping around for either a 66 or 99 and trying to find the best deal. He asked the best deal I've received and then I told him. He just said that there was no way he could swing a deal because the Rogue equipment is in big demand. My best offer so far for the 99 Magnum lsr was $1849. and is apparently a 3 month old demo unit w/ nos tubes. Wow, what a deal $150. off full retail! Seems like you got a killer deal because you help with his business and are a friend.I appreciate the help though,thanks. I've since received a e-mail from a gentlemen that will sell his 3 month old 66 lsr for $850.. Sounded like a good deal to me. What do you think? Later on, what can I expect from a Magnum version of the 66 compared to the stock form? The dilema I've been in is, how much of a change for the better would the Rogue 66 be in my system? I see it this way, when I receive the 66 and if it works well, I've saved spending another 1k. that could be spent elsewhere! And if it doesn't work well, sell the 66 and look into a 99.
Brad-sorry about you being unable to negotiate a decent discount.I bought my 99 about 1 1/2 years ago and I guess the current demand is keeping the prices near retail.If I were you I would post a "wanted"for a used 99.The 66 is a very good preamp,the 99 a KILLER preamp.Wait for a used 99 to come along.I saw one a few weeks ago on audiogon for $1400.Get a 99 and invest another $100 or so in some smokin NOS tubes and you will have a top notch preamp.
I think I'll try the 66 first and if I don't like, turn around and sell. If I happen to like w/ my system, I'll get the magnum version. Right now, I'm really ready to get a different(especially tube) pre in my system. Hoping the 66 will work for me as I'd be saving $550.-1k. Crossing my fingers!!
Brad-excellent plan! I bet you end up keeping the 66 for a very long time.I saw a review in Audiomusings where the 66 was put up against the very popular and solid Stereophile class A Audible Illusions MOD 3A.To make a long story short,the reviewer preferred the 66 over the 3A
You have to keep us updated!! Good luck! Dave a.k.a. "Tube Rush"
I'm a bit late to the party but I just wanted to second the vote for the Rogue 66. I've had mine for a little over a year and it's a great preamp. Benefits from a tube roll, as stated above, but an exellent preamp even with stock tubes. Terrific bang for the buck. I much prefer it to the AI pre. Good luck!
Bradz dont let the small minds of the world lead you astray.A Rogue 66 will be killer.Most are jealous of the fact that such a good product is sold for such a good price.These are the $ mean more than sound crew.
Go with the 66 at 850.00.You can allways Magnum it later if you like it.
I hope to find the synergy in my system with the Rogue. Boy, I can't wait to get it next week. Sent the money order out today (2 day... :)) and should receive pre by Thursday or Friday! One question...does anyone know where I can find a Studiotech model aw-3 or hf-3 a/v rack with rosewood shelves and silver frame for a good price? Thanks ya'all.
David 99 what do you use in the Phono section.
I received the Rogue 66 a couple of days ago and love it.Using the Rogue has brought more "air" and "bloom" and overall a more relaxed presentation. What I thought was a good deal on the 99 ended up being a miscommunication. He quoted me $1100. for a 66 lsr and not the 99 lsr. Now I'm considering doing the Magnum upgrade for the 66. What can I expect from the upgrade? Thanks, Brad
Bradz,give the 66 at leat one or two months so you get realy familiar with the sound.At that point you might want to do the upgrade.I am glad you like it.Its worth way more than it cost's.
To many equate cost to performance and belive it has to be better if it costs more.
The Inner Ear Magazine uses this approach.When you cut through the BS you realize all magazines sell adds not sound Musical advice.
I agree with your thoughts Leaf. I'll think to wait a couple months for the upgrade is a good idea. It'll give my ears a chance to know the sound. Can you recommend a ic between the 66 and amp and also tweaks(cones,tubes,etc.)? Thanks, Brad
I use a sand filled cigar box the preamp to add some wait.I also dampened out the entire body with soundcoat.It adds significant weight.No cones as of yet.Mullard 12AU7 in the line stage.I use Coincident IC very good.There is a used set on the site at 200.00 a virtual steal.
Hi Leafs, Which soundcoat product do you use on the Rogue? I looked up the website and saw several products. Thanks.
I get it from the Parts Connection.Go to thier web site.They are having a big sale till the end of June.Good luck