Rogue 66 Magnum vs. CJ Premier 17 LS

I have had my 66 for a number of years and I am happy with it. It really is a simple matter of upgrade fever
Do you out there feel this move would result in significant sonic benefits or would my "upgrade money" be better spent elsewhere.
I listen to rock and jazz primarily.
Here's the rest of my gear:
Cary 303/100, the 66, Odyssey Stratos and VSA VR 4 jr's.
Vh Audio pc's and ic's and Alpha Core MI 2 spkr. cables.
Thank you!
personally, If I was going to upgrade to cj, buy a s/h prem 16 series 2. A whole lot better than the 17.
BTW, The 17 is about to be discontinued and replaced with a pre based on the ACT2. It will be more expensive than the 17 thou I beleive.
Always try for an audition, worsse they can say is NO. I have the Premier 16LSII and short of going for an ACT2, which I feel I have no need to upgrade I am staying put with it for the nexst ten years or so. It is that good.IMHO
I would buy a 2nd hand 17, a simply wonderful tube pre. I saw it expressed by a number of 'gonners, that the 17 was 70% of the ACT2 performance and the 16, maybe 75/80%. Unless you have a reference level system, I can't see you need more than the 17. Incidentally, the Premier 10/14 are near the 17 in performance and very cheap 2nd hand
Thanks for your responses!
Hi Greh,

I agree with the above responses. The 17LS/LS2 is fabulous pre that lets the music through!

Also try to listen to a Linn Ikemi cd player also musical!

Good Luck!*>)