Rogue 66 magnum tube rolling???

Hi All,

I just purchased a Rogue 66 magnum from a fellow Audiogoner to replace my Golden Tube SEP-1. (Mainly because of the Home Theater Bypass and remote control options) I must admit that I like the sound of the GT SEP-1 better! The Rogue 66 has a higher noise floor (hiss). Possibly from weak tubes or it could be AC noise as well. I was thinking of putting some fresh tubes in the Rogue 66 to see if this would minimize the problem. Anyone have experience tube rolling a Rogue 66?

My Equipment list as follows:

Home Theater: Sunfire TGII, Parasound 2205A, Panasonic RP-92,Sonus Faber Concerto's all around.

Stereo: Golden Tube SE-40 amps(2), Golden Tube SEP-1 preamp and/or Rogue magnum 66 w/HT bypass, Sonus Faber Grand Piano.
Hate to say it but kevin Deal at Upscale get's so much of market (has very good testing machine and you don't have to worry about phonies) but his prices aren't a give away and phone manner sucks.but he has heard the match ups and will point you to Mazda's or Buggle Boys' or tellfunkens based on the equipment.Not that I would get in touch with other stores (www.the etc) before I bought.
Thanks Chazzbo! I have some experiments to run this week including pairing the rogue with another amp. If this fails, I'll try some new tubes. Two AUX7's can't be that much $$$
I had a Rogue 99 and found that applying Walker SST to the tube pins totally eliminated any tube hiss. The hiss was completely gone.
I also have the Sunfire TGII and am considering a seperate 2 channel pre with HT pass through. Can you please describe the differences you have found between the Sunfire direct and using the Rogue? Thanks
Hi Matt,

I made many changes to my componetry lately. The Parasound &
Sunfire TGII were replaced by an Arcam AVR300. I also have a couple of GT-40 tube amps as well.

The main problem I had with the TGII was that there wasn't any analog pass thru mode. Everything was digitized 1st.

Useing the Rogue strictly as a preamp for the GT-40's sounds unbelievable. Possibly better than the Arcam/Gt-40 combo and significantly better than the TGII/parasound. In all fairness to the TGII (which I still think is a great pre/pro), I never hooked the tube amps up to it.

My AVR300 is still breaking in. However, this thing is dead quiet. I'm not sure that it has the same soundstaging and air as the tube based rogue though. I'm very impressed with the AVR300 so far. Hopefully it just gets better.

My suggestion would be to ditch the TGII in favor of something that has the latest processing modes and a quality analog passthru such as the avr300.