Has anyone bought or listened to the Rogue preamps?

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I totaly agree with Dave.I have the 66 and it romps all over stuff that is 2/3 times the price.Its very well built and has a seperate power supply and a phono stage.I replaced the stock tubes which are not bad with NOS 4003 Mullards and now you will need to spend 4 times to equall the sound.Mark the best to deal with.Instant email response.This outfit put the $ in the equipment.Their overhead is minimal compared to CJ Krell and the likes who want the first 1000.00 for their name the second to pay off the adds the third for profit.Buy one you wont regret it.Audiolab is giving a 88 899.00 and a 66 799.00 away.Grab them both and invite the snoty audiophiles with their 10000.00+ sytems to come over and listen.Have lot off hankys ready for them they will sure cry when they find out what you paid.