Rogue 120

Have a pair of these standard mono blocks driving Vr-4. Very nice. Has anybody upgraded the passive parts in there and replacement tube reccommendations. Upscale audio looks good.
Ei for the 12ax7 inputs are reported to be spectacular
Tried Telefunken's and they're quite nice but curious to try the Ei's. Rogue makes a great amp, but changing out the standard Sovtek's or Electro Harmonix makes them a whole lot better...
I've tried about a dozen different 12ax7 tubes and 5751 tubes for the input stage and my favorites by far are the Mulllard CV4004 12ax7 tube and the Sylvania 5751 triple mica black plate steel pin. Huge diffence over stock tubes. The M120 becomes a whole different beast. Dont be afraid to experiment with 5751 tubes because 4 out of 5 different types of 5751 tubes I've used beat all the 12ax7 tubes I've tried except the Mullards, which are the second best tube I've tried in this application, bested by the Sylvania's. The Magnum version is superior to the stock M120 so you might want to think about that upgrade path. I've tried the Svetlana KT88 and 6550c's in the driver section and preferred by a wide margin the KT88's. Hope this info helps.
One of the most amazing amps for the money out there...

Yes I was thinking about getting the unit upgraded to the newer 150.. I dont know the prices im on a very strict budjet thats why I had to go for the stock 120. Any more comments?
I know that from the Magnum version of the amp, it is supposedly around $1400. Probably less than doing it from the standard version. But this is still an amazing value.
Same price Magnum or not. Just call Mark
Its 2000.00 to upgrade to the 150. Way too much. They just run the tubes harder. anyway Mine sounds good in the triode mode on vr-4. Ultralinear dosent do it for me here. Tungram 12ax7 are nice for it also.
Nope, not $2000.00 to upgrade. Just call Mark.
It is $1400