Rogersound speakers?

Does anyone know anything about Rogersound speakers. I have seen a pair advertised in my area. (Model 3600) Are these related to the vaunted Rogers speakers, or is it just someone capitalizing on the name.


RSL was a Southern California 'boutique' brand many years ago. Sold my 3600s to fund the purchase of Magnepan MG-1s
from which I have not looked back.
The 3600's were a reasonable clone of the than popular JBL4311 model. I liked the RSL 3300s better, but the 3600's have the nice dome tweeter.
Reasonably sensitive, a little bloomy in bass (ported w/typical peak) with nice extended highs and reasonable power demands.
I would use them with an all vintage system, certainly not currently as a first-string speaker.
I still own the rack I purchased there......
Good, ethical dealer/ manufacturer.
I bought a pair of nice RSL 3300 speakers from a friend,and they are REALLY good speakers, and I have had a few.
I'm Running them with an Accuphase stack and Arcam CD player, they are not embarrassed. Nice full sound,great dynamics too.
I just bought a pair of RSL 3300's for $120. I really like them - Hoping to find a pair of JBL4312/4412's to stack with them. They are pretty efficient so I had to resurrect a Crown DC 300A to be able to back them down a bit from my large Advents with a Nak Stasis PA-7A-2. There are also some time alignment issues so I will likely go back to stacked large Advents until I can find another pair or the JBL's that match
upscaleaudio ...

"Rogersound Labs was very competitive and had a higher dollar volume per square foot than any other retailer in the country. They were very successful. I worked there and it was truly different than any other gig in the country."

Did you work with Michael Harvey in the high-end room?