Rogers Studio 1s vs. Harbeth SHL5

Good day all! I’ve been using the Studio 1’s going back and forth with a Janis
 W-1/crossover for about 10 years now; I recently discovered I actually prefer the speakers without the sub!  The 1’s are powered by a Red Rose Model 2 amp (45wpc) and the matching Silver Signature 3 valve preamp; all valve equipment.
The 12’x20’x8’6” room is somewhat live; hardwood floors, wool area rug and upholstered sofas. The speakers are situated on the 12’ wall, 36” off the wall about 6’ center to AFF, the center with my listening position approx. 8’ from the speakers. The speaker sit on vintage Advent speaker stands with the T-27 tweeters 34” AFF.
I just thought I’d mention it, and yes I’m
aware they’re not Sound Anchors but I’m prepared to sacrifice the astronomical sound quality some will argue is inherent with the use of anything other than those beautiful powder coated welded stands...that’s another story for another thread which I’m sure I’ll not be in attendance! Lol
Back to the matter at hand! Potential issues with aging caps and spiders as well as sagging surrounds notwithstanding, I can find no fault whatsoever with the Studio 1’s other than they’re not Harbeth Monitor 40’s which is a moot point due to their size.
I’m contemplating offering my Studio 1’s to a friend leaving me faced with the $64,000.00 question, where do I go from there?
I’ve grown attached to these British speakers and albeit I’ve never heard HSL5’s up close and personal, I’m seriously considering them as they take up the same amount of real estate, they are similar in design as they’re 3-way, and at about 7k they’re at a reasonable price point, moreover I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a poorly sounding Harbeth?
I’m curious if anyone out there has these Harbeths and could shed some light, or sound as the case may be, on these particular speakers? 

Plenty of love on here for the SHL5s, but you could also look at Graham and the Classic line from Spendor.  Lots of options.
Lot’s of Harbeth fanboys including reviewers.

You should also look at Proac and Spendor before making your decision. I had Harbeth and they were not my cup of tea.