Anybody have experience with the ROGERS PA-1A Phono? I'm interested in your thoughts and what cart you ran with it.
Rogers has one published spec that jumps out at me for a phono. 

Signal to Noise Ratio: 90 dB at 20 mV input

Is that possible for a tube phono?
It's probably possible for "20mV input".  To get that high an input signal voltage, you would be using a high output MM cartridge, and it would be reproducing a fortissimo passage of a musical piece.  So, in a sense, the spec (90db for 20mV) is a "best case" scenario.
good info @lewm  Just a FYI, I did an in home demo of this unit. It was "ok". I mean it was good but for 7k should have been more. Great wide soundstage and produced pinpoint imaging but it was a little flat if you ask me. Felt like the soundtage was 3 feet behind my speakers.
For that much dough, they might do a better job of stating the S/N specification.
Rob, I wouldn't necessarily blame the apparent placement of the sound stage on the phono stage alone.  First, that is a subjective impression.  Second, there are SO many factors that might influence the aural phenomenon, especially starting with your speakers, their placement in the room, and the room itself.  Tube devices are typically very good at recreating a sense of depth, usually don't sound "flat". 

I looked up the Rogue on the internet.  It appears to be a quality product, as it should be for the high cost.  I wonder that they say you can use a wide variety of tubes apparently with no need for other changes or adjustments (please correct me, if I am wrong in saying that).   Normally, a 12AU7 lacks sufficient gain for use as a gain device in a phono circuit, and if you just pull it and substitute a 12AX7, the latter tube would not live happily under conditions that optimize the 12AU7, and vice-versa.  This is so obvious that I must assume they have left something out in their verbiage.

Resurrecting thread.  Used Dynavector XV-1S (~0.34 mv) and currently using ZYX Universe II X (~0.24 mV) - both have produced good results with the Rogers PA 1A.  The biggest difference was when I replaced the 12AU7's with 12AV7's and a pair of NOS Mullard 12AX7's which made it significantly better. The 12AV7's helped with the gain as well - more than the 12AU7's.  With the 12AU7's had to crank up volume, but I think I'm happy with the soundstage now - it performs well above its price range IMO.