Rogers LS3/5a is 'the reference' speaker

Recently, I have a chance auditioning a pair of Rogers LS3/5a. I found them quite good. But, I am not so sure that they are the best loved reference monitor in the studio. Anyone with a better point of view?
verrrrrrry natural on voice but the new spendor s-3/5 replacement seems to be the natural progression. also the spendor has no midbass hump and should be easier to mate to a sub. theres a review in the absolute sound issue 119/aug-sep'99. the tweeter in the ls3/5a is the kef t27 isnt particularly extended in the very top. i know this, i have two loudspeakers with that driver. the b-100 is the mid/woof,also is in those two spkrs. they were designed in the late or mid 70s. a lot of progress has been made since then and we can benefit form that progress. these spendors are only $900 the pair, i for one have intentions of hearing them and possibly buying them. also i have ls3/5a-s and i really liked them a lot. i wish i still had them instead of the $300 i sold them for. the distrubitors email is [email protected] i hope i have shed some light on this subject for you.
They still have excellent qualities, even after all these year, but to my ears "monitor" today means ATC.
The Rogers sound is very nice but not to my ears reference quality. The best sound for near field listening that I have experienced comes from NEAR (no pun) 10M speakers. They are rivaled only by the NEAR 15M in quality, realism, and value for the money. Their metal cone drivers are a revelation.
My opinion is LS3/5a is definitely fun to listen to even they have been around for more than few decays. I have a pair and they are running with Cary Audio SLP-50a pre(mod.)/Pass Labs Alpha 3 power & Naim CDX CD player. What a superb system. I am still looking for a pair of matching subs to add to this small system. If anyone knows where I can still get them please let me know(must be in walnut finish and made in England version).
The Rogers LS3/5a was designed with monitoring in a very small space. The "Q" is a relatively high 1.2, so the bass is slightly warm, not taught or particularly tight. Indeed fun to listen to, but not a standard reference. One would probably have to spend considerably more for reference quality. ProAc or Theil pop to mind, as do B&W 800 series or Wilson. Reference monitors are not necessarily the most fun to listen to, so it depends on what you want to hear. Artemis Eos are the finest sound that have graced these ears, however, there were many dollars sitting up-stream.
Its worth haveing a pr., because they are just "so much fun to listen to.