Rogers LS3/5a is 'the reference' speaker

Recently, I have a chance auditioning a pair of Rogers LS3/5a. I found them quite good. But, I am not so sure that they are the best loved reference monitor in the studio. Anyone with a better point of view?

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The Rogers LS3/5a was designed with monitoring in a very small space. The "Q" is a relatively high 1.2, so the bass is slightly warm, not taught or particularly tight. Indeed fun to listen to, but not a standard reference. One would probably have to spend considerably more for reference quality. ProAc or Theil pop to mind, as do B&W 800 series or Wilson. Reference monitors are not necessarily the most fun to listen to, so it depends on what you want to hear. Artemis Eos are the finest sound that have graced these ears, however, there were many dollars sitting up-stream.