Rogers LS3/5 or Reference 2A De Capo i

For many years I used the legendary Rogers LS3/5 (15ohms version) with Jadis tube DA5 amplifier. I love this combination, specially for human voices.
Now I want to buy another monitors with more bass extension than my Rogers.
I could see that many people recomend the De Capo. Anybody could compare them with the Rogers ?
Anybody listened the De Capo with Jadis electronics ?
Please let me know your suggest.

You still will not match the vocal/piano midrange, however the DeCapo is quite competent and far more dynamic. It will disappear much like the Rogers. They prefer tubes and more power than you would think with their efficiency rating. Flea watt amps need not apply.
I made a mistake, of course: Reference 3A not 2A.