Rogers LS/35A Classic Mini Monitors Reviewed ! WOW

I always wondered how good these speakers were ! They are a lot better than I thought.. WOW 

 WOW, now I'm wondering how good the bigger Rogers LS 5/9's are...they were Awarded Speaker Of The Year over in Japan in 2020 !
try the Linn Kan or the KEF101 also....
Didn’t know much about these until I just got a pair of late 70s 15 ohm Rogers LS3/5As from my uncle.

Was a bit skeptical reading the reviews until listening to them.

Wow! They sound like larger speakers. Very pleasant and somewhat addicting. Really impressed by and loving them.

Here's some late 70's Rogers Export Monitors or LS 3/6's and sounds GREAT !
I have a pair of circa 2015 Graham Chartwell LS3/5's(not a's). When it is their turn in the rotation,they never disappoint!