Rogers LS/35A Classic Mini Monitors Reviewed ! WOW

I always wondered how good these speakers were ! They are a lot better than I thought.. WOW 

 WOW, now I'm wondering how good the bigger Rogers LS 5/9's are...they were Awarded Speaker Of The Year over in Japan in 2020 !
Rogers are always a pleasant experience.  Not the most dynamic, they do not rumble, are less than painfully resolute, they are simply musical and pleasant.

They do change with upstream improvements and make polite accommodation for lesser quality components.
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I have a pair of the original Rogers LS3/5A's. Bought from an eBay seller in Lithuania (!) for $960 (including shipping). These are the later 11 ohm version. The autoformer inductor used in the crossover of the 15 ohm versions was apparently too difficult to match individually so it was abandoned. SQ was claimed to remain unchanged. 
The Rogers sold new for $450 back in 1976/77. Who then knew it would become such a desirable classic?
When i first heard it long time ago i realised that specs or size does not matter.

They are pretty respectable speakers, but when comparing great monitors under $4k the Elac Vela 403  Beat  them in every respect 
except for efficiency and $1k less money the Rodgers are smooth but not the  most dynamic  of speakers tested.
The best british monitor is the spendor s100 from 1989 to 1992 wait till you hear the 13.5 inch three way in the 1oo liter cabinet tuned to 24 hertz that is the only full range british monitor ever made and it is amazing.
Didn’t know much about these until I just got a pair of late 70s 15 ohm Rogers LS3/5As from my uncle.

Was a bit skeptical reading the reviews until listening to them.

Wow! They sound like larger speakers. Very pleasant and somewhat addicting. Really impressed by and loving them.

I have a pair of circa 2015 Graham Chartwell LS3/5's(not a's). When it is their turn in the rotation,they never disappoint! 
Interesting - just pulled a pair out of the closet this pat weekend.  Even the clones sound really good!

They were great ?40 years ago (I had chartwell LS3/5As) but I'd at least check out LSA's book shelf speakers before buying one today.
I’d like to come back to the list someday of all the speakers mentioned in this thread... 
I remember the dealer in San Diego, Audio Directions, sold them.  One of the owners, Ike, liked to say there were practically no agreements in audio except that the LS3/5a was EVERYONE's second favorite speaker.