I just came across a pair of ROGERS LS 3/5A MONITOR SPEAKERS in my warehouse.

They look to be in good shape.

To be honest I know nothing about these speakers but a brief investigation I discovered they seem to be in pretty high demand.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

I wanted to add that Paul Watton was very helpful with helping me investigate these speakers and he did mention that based on the serial numbers they are an early 15ohm version
Classic water/humidity damage to the enclosures. They'll still bring a good price, just not as much as a mint pair (maybe $1200-$1500).
from the dc10 website on the rogers speaker 3/5 :

Adam from Warsaw, Poland
On the Berlin II mini monitor

I connected Berlin II with extraordinary Audio Note KEGONS Low Gain version monoblocks delivering 22W matched with Audio Note preamplifier M8, the 86dB efficiency of Rogers LS 3/5a that construction is rather adapted to push-pulls, do not really let listeners enjoy the outstanding SET monoblocks signed by Peter Qvortrup of Audio Note. Nonetheless, while the set Rogers-Rogers plays very well high and middle frequencies referentially, and mid-bass is reach (at least, according to the ear of English traditionalist), AudioNote-Berlin II set plays referentially and emotionally to the full extent of frequencies (the only limit is the size of a room – I have a living room with quite big capacity!). A combination of AN and Rogers LS 3/5a does not make any sense and Berlin II with Rogers shows clearly difference between SET and push-pull configuration. And as it is not to me to judge if apple is better than pear, Berlin II mini monitors are able (providing honest court proceedings) to resolve an eternal, audiophile conflict (SET or push-pull).