Rogers Information Needed

Anyone knows how can I can more information for Rogers products for currect and past 5 years?
Here is a link for about a dozen of the best known British Hi Fi manufacturers. I just tried the link that they provided for Rogers, and got an error. I don't know if the server has a problem, the link is old, or Rogers has abandoned their site. Try it yourself, and best luck in your quest!
Sorry, I meant to give you the link that provided ALL the British loudspeaker links. Here it is:
Don't know if this helps, but the following UK company is currently selling the last stock produced by Rogers before they went out of business, STIRLING BROADCAST address is Charter Valley, Basingstoke, UK Tel: +44 1256 851001. No website that I know of, good luck!
In fact, I want to know the power outpower of Rogers RS-4 Integrated Amplifier at 8ohm.....Any help?
Don't know of the RS-4 but any Rogers amp of the last 5 or 6 years would have been made by another company and badged "Rogers". The only amps they had available in the UK were the E40a and the smaller E20a. These are both tubed amps and class A. The E40 is rated at 40 watts and the E20 at 20 watts. Other amps go back over 30 years. Rogers had a somewhat chequered history the last few years of trading and changed hands several times. Let me know if you want any more info? Email me if you want details of the E40A as some of these are still available boxed new. Regards, Richard.