Rogers A75 Series 2 Integrated

Sending out a PLEA for help with my A75 MK2 amp.
Having issues in one channel (popping likely passing DC) but have not been able to locate a service manual or schematic to aid with the repairs.
There has to be some documentation available somewhere out there that was used to troubleshoot problems with the unit.
So I would be very grateful if there is anyone that can help me get the amp back to its glory days. Its near mint and wont be sacrilege to see it in the electronic landfill. Thanks in advance for any assistance from the audio circle members.
Possibly you have problems with your small tubes - Try switching the left channel tubes to the right channel and the right to the left channel and see if that makes a difference. Often the problem is just a contact with the pins in the socket, so perhaps all you have to do is remove and reset a tube in place. That frequently works for me.
Thank you for your reply newbee but the Rogers A75 MK2 is solid state and has no tubes. Thanks anyways

What ia a guy with the moniker "Tubes4me" doing with a solid state amp?:-)

In the States we have a credible tube amp manufacturer named Rogers. So I just assumed. It was good advise, just wasted I guess. :-)
Good point newbee thanks just the same. Have a weakness for the Rogers stuff.
They also have a lifetime warranty,
True but, sadly, Julius Caesar is no longer with us.