ROGERS 65V-1 Integrated Amplifier owners thoughts, looking for a velvety sounding amp

Hi, would any owners please give input , I am looking for a tubey sounding tube amp, velvet sound , female vocals that cover you in chocolate , sweet sounding , I think that should cover it ,from my reading folks seam to enjoy the el34 or 300b tubes, going to buy a pair of ZU speakers so power is not an issue
Audion, Quicksilver, Decware, Music Reference, Fluxion, Rogers etc.
what I have just now Krell speakers , Quad speakers, Krell 300r , Classe amp, Pass Labs XA25, Modwright preamp,
Moon,Sony products, Bluesound .thinking about also  Harbeths and Magnepan LRS, I work so I might as well spent my money on some new gear, I like to have options ,thank you all in advance for your input 
You need to ask Zu owners, not amp owners. Unless you've matched amps with with Zu, which are totally unique, asking about amps is not just a waste of time here, you're actively seeking uneducated guesses. 

I'm on my 3rd pair of Zu. I know what I'm talking about. Have tried many many amps on mine. Find Zu owners and pose that q to them. Better yet, ask Zu themselves when you buy yours.