roger waters taking the wall on the road...yes/no

i recently read that roger waters is touring the wall later this year. having seen roger live three times and floyd once but being too young to see the wall live 30 years ago is this going to be worth the money. also do you think "the wall" will be used like it was back in the day or is this just too expensive for a real tour.
This may well be the last time it ever gets toured. At the ripe old age of 66, I doubt there are too many large production tours left in Roger.
"Worth the money?" you asked...well, this is music history. And Waters is one of the most insightful and passionate writers\performers in anyone's lifetime. To say nothing of the fact that the music and lyrics in The Wall are excellent.
I'd pay to see him do an acoustic set in a small club. I'm definitely going!!!!!
He did this before in Berlin. The DVD is available.

It was a very good show.
ya he vil build zi wall
u vil go and see and listen ya
Yaaaaaaaaa,I vil.
Have a look see at the ticket prices for Waters' fall tour at FleaBay....
I saw the original at Nassau Coliseum in February of 1980. The ticket was the most I had ever paid for a concert-- $15.
Good show from what I remember (lol). No encore, tho-- stage littered with cardboard bricks.
Just got my Tickets!!!! American Express pre-sale. Hurry up.
Yeah, I saw the Coliseum show way back when too. Just picked up some presale tix for this new show. Can't wait to relive the experience (sans the mind altering things that were part of the experience last time).
All in all it's just more cash in the vault.
well, this is music history

It might have been music history the first time around,now it's just a way for Waters to bolster his retirement portfolio.Just my opinion,feel free to disagree.
Good one Audiofiel! LOL!