Roger Waters remasters?

Hey all,

Are there any remasters available of the first two Roger Waters albums (Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking and Radio KAOS)?

They're terrible sounding discs, and my vinyl copies aren't much better. Are there better versions out there to be imported?
the japanese mini lp cd's of radio KAOS and amused to death are excellent
Your observations are very different than my own. Roger Waters' recordings, as with the later Pink Floyd recordings when he was still with the band, are some of the very best if not THE best in the R&R industry. "Amused to Death" is about as good as it gets and his previous releases are not that much behind. These have phenomenol dynamics, incredible tonal coherency including way out to the frequency extremes and resolution due to an ultra-low noise floor that very few artists ever come close to achieving.

What is it that has you define these a "terrible"? And what are your reference recordings for you to come to these findings? As for absolutely terrible recording quality, I find that U2 takes the gold medal.
I agree with Jafox. I have both "Amused to Death", and "Pros and Cons . . ." on CD (Columbia). they're excellent recordings in every way.
Oh, I agree completely about Amused to Death being one of the best sounding recordings ever - I have that Sony SBM remaster of Amused to Death and it's one of the best recordings I own.

To me the Pros and Cons and Radio KAOS cd's sound a little flat and tinny. They just don't seem to capture the great recording that I've heard on the LPs. I agree that the later Floyd and Waters recordings are some of the best there are; now that we have good remasters available for all the Floyd stuff I guess I just wish I had something as good for those first two Waters discs.

Thanks for the tip on the Japanese remasters Jayco, I'll definitely see if I can dig those up.
Radio KAOS is just a terrible mix. Too bright for my taste. The vinyl is just as bad. Amused to death however is perfection. And the vinyl release is PURE Heaven. THE benchmark for rock vinyl.
I have most of the geriatric boring old farts' albums (all original) on vinyl (when 'The Floyd' were popular). lol. They all sound good to me and cannot fault any of them even the real early LP's. I gotta admit that I lost interest in them when 'Mr Floyd' left after 'The Wall'. All of Waters' recordings sound good, especially Amused to Death.
I'd also have to disagree that U2 recordings sound awful.
There are many other rock albums that sound a lot better on vinyl than ATD: Who's Next, Crime of the Century, Aja, Brothers in Arms, Led Zep 1 and 2...

What were they thinking when U2 recorded "War"?; someone was clearly asleep at the mixing/mastering board. It is the definition of lifeless-dry.
I would've said 'War' was more medium dry than lifeless dry.