Roger Waters Live Last Night in Glendale,AZ

My first concert in a while. Last was Sia. 

Roger has a message for his audience

that comes with the music. Somewhat off-putting

I must say. I went for music not politics. Not saying

I totally disagree with his. F-bombs galore. All our presidents

past and current are mass murderers. Could be a bit strong.

He is 79 and British.  Has some fun stories. I can live without

the other messages though. Is this messaging common nowadays?


I think you’re playing dumb @hilde45 People don’t object to musicians talking about the music or telling funny stories or jokes. These "Storyteller" type concerts are popular.

What people object to is being subjected to stupid and hypocritical political rants. People should be informed in ads that the rants will be a prominent feature of the show.

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Bravo,  tomcy6.  You  cut through all the crap,and said what had to be said in five sentences.